#774 Etterna Explosion Excitepack (Etterna Explosion Excitepack 2) Release


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Package Overview
・Pack Name:#774 Etterna Explosion Excitepack (Etterna Explosion Excitepack 2)
・Pack Banner:dagger,stepdwi

Package Overview
・Pack Name:Etterna Extra Package
・Skillsets:minijack, other, hard pattern
・Pack Banner:dagger

・EEEpack(Discord Group) ⇒ It becomes a template to make a pack
・Minimum pack rules required ⇒ Text File

Hello, it’s been a long time since the last pack was released, almost two and a half years.
This pack, like the previous one, is a collaborative project between East and West charters, enhanced with new members.

I’ve been playing etterna in earnest since the last pack was released.
Through this playing experiences, I made a lot of files that I found fun and met a lot of people who made good files.

I was able to complete the pack by asking them to submit the files.
We would like to thank the charters and test players for their cooperation.

Most of the files in this pack are focused on Stream, Jumpstream, Handstream, Stamina, Chordjack and Technical.
But there are also Jackspeed, Dumpstream, Longnote oriented files.

The difficulty level is a little higher than EEE1, although it is designed to be played by all users.
If EEE2 is too difficult for you, try playing EEE1 as well (click on the EEE1 banner).

Again, four level 17 (boss files) are included.
Please try to beat these files.
Note that this is much more difficult than the previous “HONK HONK”, sorry.

So I look forward to seeing your great scores.
Thanks a lot to the stepmania, etterna, osumania, malody charter and to the test players.
And for those who were not included in the file, we are very sorry. We will include them in the next pack in the near future, so please do that when it is released as well.

Songlist eee2

Songlist extra pack


Member Name Organized or Pack with many chart
10Dollar 10Dollar Dump Dump Revolutions4
11Bit Many charts in Overcome CV Package2
ade_maine LazyFilez
arpia97 Magicschool Arpia
ATTang ATTang's SunSunMix
AutotelicBrown Autotelic Jacks
CrewK Many charts in osumania
dagger Overcome CV Package3
Dourgent DourGent’s Minipack 5
DMRIw Many charts in The Void - Then, Now, and the Future
EGStep Many charts in Overcome CV Package2
Hylotl Many charts in Compulsive Chordjack Collection 2
inteliser Many charts in Etterna Explosion Excitepack
janne Many charts in Etterna Explosion Excitepack
kapibara6a Stepping-kapibara
Leo137 Solo 137 Pack
loafusofbread Many charts in Compulsive Chordjack Collection 2
Lynessa Speed Training For SM Volume 4
Melodia Many charts in Restia's Restroom 22
Miaurichesu Many charts in Jumpstream Peru 2
mizuki Mizuki New Simfile
MOS420 Many charts in lol pack goes brrrrrr
Moskas Moskas' Originals feat. PMC
naetsuka naetsuka’s Megapack Volume 5
Nelodisan Many charts in osumania
Nixo Symphogear Minipack
nonamed1464 Many charts in SMOC Extra
OpakyL xXxRUSSIAxXx 3
prime132 Many charts in Overcome CV Package2
poco0317 Many charts in the Leftovers 3
Rainy Many charts in osumania
RARS RAR's Compressed Pack 6
remi remi
S.Nitori Many charts in Overcome CV Package2
Sakisagee Jumpstream Peru 2
Sheenoboo Chordial Blitz
Shirou Many charts in K - Mini Pack
ShokuN Many charts in Gochamaze Greatest Gigapack 2
SnowPh Miracle Streamz^2
Stapmania Many charts in Overcome CV Package2
StarrySergal StarrySergal’s Flamin Hot Munchies
STEPDWI Etterna Explosion Excitepack
suicidaln00b Many charts in Acerola
Tachyon Compulsive Chordjack Collection 2
TanTan Many charts in SMOC EXTRA
tatsutsuyo Many charts in Etterna Explosion Excitepack
TDK DWI Al Toke Collaboration Pack
Temma Temmas Pick‘N’Mix
tera Tera's Megapack Volume 3
Tim Valedumps 3
U1wknUzeU6 Many charts in xXxRUSSIAxXx 3
Wiosna Sharpnel Instrumentality Project
XingRen DumpAss Dude’s Dream 2
Xingyue Xingyue's ETTERNA V
Yome Overloading Stamina Training Megapack SSS
zyglrox Club Clarity

2,Test Player



tjddydrl ⇒ Stepmania Asia Forums


Incredible! Well done! Grateful to be a part of it! :pray:t2::black_heart:

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お疲れ様でした。 楽しむ番です。

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exciting release

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great release!!! time to play

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lets go new eee2 pack dropped

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thx gejimayu

do you still have the download link for eee1 both of the links are broken

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thank you for your report, It will be a link.

Save the reject file to My Server just in case.
It was a long process, but thank you for your efforts.