[6k] Solo 137 Pack RELEASED!

Solo 137 Pack just released!

“0.Solo Practice Package.” – Download URL at the image

My first 6k exclusive project. Features charts for
*intermediate players trying to improve, lowering the gap
between novice content and the tougher stuff.



Songlist Preview (video):

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Solo 137 Pack RELEASED! Songlist Preview - Etterna 6key Pack - YouTube


Since the early pre-JSOF1 days, i been interested in 6k, but lately it has grown on me and became my main playstyle.
For this pack, i took the time to develop as a player, to better undestand the gamemode and adapt my charting style to 6k.

I encourage everyone to give 6k a shot. It’s a lot of fun for players and charters.
The added columns allow more complex and dexterity based patterns, that make songs unconventional for 4k to be a challenge.
The richness and levels of layering amps up too.

That being said, this is a scoring based pack, with a focus on chordstream but that also test other skills (jacks, hold coordination, minedodge, streams, rolls).
Song selection is mostly rhythm game based, but with a higher focus on slower songs. Still, everything here is a banger.

I wouldn’t describe this pack as friendly for total beginners, but a bridge for players to learn how to read and hit the denser patterns.

In that regard, i also want to recommend checking Solo Kpop Pack.
It’s a recent release full of quality accuracy based content, that is also appealing to newcomers in 6k.

This is my longest project to date, both in amount and also the time spent charting/polishing.

That’s everything, i hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks:

  • Everyone that submitted: CherryBlossom, Exy, Kinx, iamcs, MOS420, Sheenoboo and Zeta
  • Lenghty reviews and feedback: Longgone, Kinx
  • Sheenoboo for selflessly helping me getting a good audio file for Sensation. I owe you a lot
  • Playtests: Paex, Exy
  • The Etterna 6Key Community


  • Notes and ratings for every song are included as a PDF in the pack folder. Ratings were based in the “Solo Rulz” scale, the 0.71.1 MSD
    calculator for 6K and a manually inputted fudge factor.
  • Some 4k charts are also included. It’s mostly incidental but they are well built.

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hype! congratulations on your pack’s release again. these charts show, quite clearly, your growth as a charter with his own understanding of the mechanics of a 6k chart and as a player. lots of different ideas are displayed here and people should experience them!


paq paq paq also
good paq

6k is good

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this is gonna be cool!

6key is awesome


Thanks everyone!
Specially to Kinx, he’s pretty much the embodiment of 6k

Feel free to ping me for scores, reviews, anything. I would love to see more comments about the pack.