[Release] Overloading Stamina Training Megapack SSS


Follow this link for downloads!

After almost three years, this pack is finally released lol

The goal of this pack is to make more JS/HS files for myself to play, so you can expect lots of classic 22~25 JS/HS charts. I also tried to mix it up a little bit with JS dumping style on slower BPM songs, which gave myself a fresh experience.

Most of the files are longer than 3 minutes, so get to work on your stamina and consistency with these long charts~

39 charts are included, you can will the details here with format:
Song Name
Song Author
Chart Author
Etterna Difficulty - Length - BPM
Total Notes - Jumps - Hands - Holds
Release Pic-cut

Special Thanks
Thanks eggneto, Hylotl, SnowPh, tera, Xeuphroda, XingRen for their submissions! Also thanks everyone who submitted a file!

Thanks Etterna devs for Etterna. It’s been several years since I started to use Etterna and it still feels amazing!