[PAD] StarrySergal's Flamin Hot Munchies [RELEASE!]



Happy April Fools! This pack contains a mixed experience for this special day, a spicy mixed bag of stamina, technical and speed files.
This is highly inspired by other packs like “Jimmy Jawns 1-2” and “Sweet Arrows & Hella Steps”, i wanted to revive the idea of making joke-themed packs for a while after the release of packs like Crapyard Scent, I feel like this is clearly the best day to do it.
The songlist is very variated, it goes from Death Grips music to chiptune, passing through meme songs and more!
The level range is kinda wide, from MSD 11 technical charts to MSD 21 dumpstream charts, this pack is intended to aim for any kind of audience and I want to improve that idea in a future pack.
With that said, I hope you all enjoy this pack as i enjoyed making it, lets take a break and have fun today with some flamin hot munchies! :heart:

Songlist :


DL : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DWmmhgd-Vw3qRGv9EAVY-LT1_tex8Azy/view?usp=sharing

Shoutouts to ChasePines_101 for helping me with cutting some songs
Shoutouts to yutsi and Nidyz for playtesting
Special thanks for all the QA/feedback i received from people like Nidyz, Zaia, Levitass, etc.