[Release] LazyFilez

Hi there! This is ade_maine, and I want to announce the release of two brand-new packs.
(well I don’t play SM/Etterna at all, I’m quite active on other rhythm games)

2020-07-12 the first one is ranked but the second one is not uwu

I. LazyFilez

  • Collaboration between me(ade_maine) and zaeth
  • 40 separate songs / 50 separate difficulties. Consists of various genres.
  • 6.80 ~ 35.31 MSD, with an average of 24.95 (Most files are 21~31MSD)
  • Keep in mind that we just made those charts for fun. The vast majority of charts are really simple.
  • Level values are round-off value of MSD. Calculated on 2020-06-29, with Etterna 0.69.1.
  • Song List is in ’ README ’ file, with a brief explanation.
  • DL (~152MB): https://etternaonline.com/pack/89800

IMPORTANT: Change the offset of Karma from -0.789 ot -1.349!!! It was unsynced by mistake :frowning: