[Release] SMOC EXTRA


Lightly initiated package.
I expected about 200 songs in 2 months, but it doubled to 400 songs. ww
Thank you to everyone who participated in the package.

I wanted SMOC to be active again, so I started hosting the event.
SMOC members [Powersex, Attang, Einar, Tantan, Hanewa, Nohara] Thank you for accepting my request when I first tried to host. I couldn’t have done it without them. LOL

Noire, dagger , Mouse, -13
Thank you very much. Thanks to you, I was comfortable. I was able to learn how to make it.


11Bit, 1607, Attang, Bitchfucker, blaziken, Blue_Potion, dagger, eggneto, Einar, Goducky, Hanewa, Kuuhaku, Kyu, Melodia, Mouse, neatsuka, Nohara, nonamed1464, OpakyL, Powersex, prime132, ricetoast, S.Nitori, Sakisagee, SaltedFISSH, Shirou, stapmania, StarrySergal, Tachyon, TanTan, tera, U1wknUzeU6, Wspr, Xeuphroda, YNX
There are 35 participants in total.

Thank you to Powersex, MUZIK, Sweetpotato, and STEPDWI for helping us with the test despite our busy schedule.


I hope you enjoy it. THX!!


Great pack!!! So much fun!!!

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Glad to being part of a project like SMOC Extra

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noice paq

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Very nice pack !!

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mouse is god !!

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