Symphogear Minipack Release


Hello boys and girls!

After procrastinating for nearly 6 months I’ve decided to release this pack. I was hesitant to do so because I felt like the number of files was too low, and that I might disappoint people since I’ve been promoting the pack for quite a while. With time, I lost more and more interest in charting and I ended up making files at the rhythm of once a month, making me worried this pack would never see the light. Thankfully, thanks to the great submissions of some friends of mine, and to the positive feedback of the people I sent my files to, I gained back my motivation to chart and finished the pack (although it’s actually really small).

This pack is composed of files with a great variety of patterns, mostly in the 20-26 MSD range. The theme is, of course, Symphogear, which has been an obsessions of mine that I’ve attempted to spread in the discord for a while (I’m gonna stop now).
This pack has greatly contributed to the improvement of my dumping ability and the development of my style.

I’ve just realized that writing too much might be pretty cringe so I’ll stop and post the cool picture of the pack organization thanks for reading and have a nice day. wait fuck I need to include a thank you list of the people that helped me make the pack don’t stop reading.


suicidaln00b for making the COOL GFX (fucking amazing gfx) I will never thank you enough
leo137 for making super good file of not easy to chart song THANKS LEONARDOOOO
ptet for FILE!! ! ! ! ! ! (actually good job on it man proud of u)
dourgent for C O L L A B O R A T I O N: I would never have finished that long shit and u made a great job also you gave me the motivation to continue the pack thanks to that
dagger: thank you for making a file for my pack :sob: :pray: and thank you for MAKING THE CDTITLE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
white: THANK for the file (even if i rejected it at first) it is a good filler :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :slightly_smiling_face: (jk) not jk [thanks man i appreciate a lot]
shokun: 大好き ok I don’t speak 日本語でも thank you very much for the support you gave me and thank you for the BGs
stepdwi: thanks for the moral support through all the time we have know each other m(__)m
foxfire: ThANK for playtesting EVERY FILE ALWAYS (fuck man this pack prob has no surprises for u but I hope u like it)
(if I forgot anyone please don’t be mad :disappointed_relieved: you know I love you person I forgot to mention)

everyone who will play the pack!!!

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Thank you sensei nixo

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played an earlier version of this paq but it was enjoyable, would recommend playing makyuu, next destination, flugel, and utazukin !!