[2pac Release] Sharpnel Instrumentality Project + Nightflower Complex

2pac found alive 2021

This thread contains two packs that I’ve released over the few weeks: Sharpnel Instrumentality Project and Nightflower Complex. Sharpnel Instrumentality Project is an almost exclusively stamina JS pack, while Nightflower Complex is a bunch of charts I’ve made during the first half of 2021. I hope that there’s something for you to enjoy in either pack.

Sharpnel Instrumentality Project

Click on the banner above or this download link to download the pack.

Sharpnel Instrumentality Project is a 16-chart project that primarily consists of jumpstream stamina charts – MSD difficulty range of 19 to 24. It was initially an 11-chart project, but after some discussion with a couple of people who have organised successful packs of a similar nature, I believe that a 16-chart project would have more staying power and general appeal as a pack.

I initially started this project because I felt that osu!mania and Etterna heavily lacked jumpstream (stamina) charts that had particularly strong structures (from a charting standpoint), and I felt that my jumpstream patterning ability was very lacking relatively, so I wanted to make a pack that would accomplish two things: a project that would hone my charting ability in areas that I’ve ignored for a long time, and a set of charts for a skillset that is very high in demand for a long time but has treated as a joke from a charting structure because of how the charts have been made over the past few years.


Nightflower Complex

Click on the banner above or this download link to download the pack.

Nightflower Complex is a pack of 15 charts that I’ve made from February 2021 to June 2021 (with the exception of Shuu no Hazama/Rainshower, which was made in November 2020), MSD difficulty range of 18 to 25 (though mostly in the 19-23 range). You can expect a mixture of drum and bass, breakcore, metal, and some odd tracks in-between. There is a general theme of the music in this being mostly dark and grungy, but there are some pretty clear exceptions to the rule (e.g. Nanamori).

Like my other packs, most of the charts in this pack are fairly straightforward in rhythmic structure. However, a good portion of them would be categorised more as jumpstream rather than technical, since the bulk of those charts’ difficulties come from jumpstream in some form or another. Some of the charts in the pack are also straight jumpstream. There are, however, still some very technical charts in the pack, like Aqua Regia, Brainfog, or Ideal Ratio. There are no explicitly “dumpy” charts in the pack, so there is no use of the pink CDTitle here.


Sharpnel Instrumentality Project:

  • aperson, Tim/Valedict, Wh1teh, and Jole for being heavy playtesters of the charts I’ve made for the pack and giving very constructive feedback.
  • Guilhermeziat for his initial chart for Dokudenpa and indirectly giving me inspiration to more or less expand the size of the pack.
  • AutotelicBrown for giving me feedback for Quadra Girlz as I was charting it.
  • VisD/aeoliancarp for going through Strangeprogram, Tactical Railroad, Fake Promise and Magic Cycles.
  • heather for letting me use her artwork for Blue Army, Dokudenpa, and Moonearth. You can check out her work here.
  • Izzz for letting me use her artwork for Black Chocolates. You can check out her work here.
  • tosh/Miothres for letting me use her graphics for Shine!!.
  • Fullerene-/Caliber and Wh1teh for being around whenever I needed help with organising a pack of this nature, I really appreciated the input that you two gave when it came to pack sizes and other things for a scoring-oriented pack.
  • Various, various people for being around whenever I needed someone to talk to about my charting insecurities. Autotelic and Tim have been particularly helpful in this, so major thanks to you two especially.
  • Many many people for playtesting through my Sharpnel charts in general (afrono, Lethal, Diatonic, Phil, too many to list). Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Nightflower Complex:

  • stupud man/Elah for the banner
  • heather for letting me use her artwork for Axle Grinder, Bleed The Fifth, Ideal Ratio, The Last Striker, and What A Horrible Night. You can check out her work here.
  • Izzz for letting me use her artwork for Prism and Gate and REGRET PART TWO. You can check out her work here.
  • aperson for giving comprehensive feedback for the entire pack!!! i owe you one
  • VisD and various others for giving comprehensive feedback on Aqua Regia
  • Jole, Lethal, AlexDest, Pizza69, LeftyRighty, and stupud man/Elah for heavily playtesting this pack, along with various others for trying my charts while I was making this pack in general



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