Valedumps 3 Released!

links are in banners

Route A

Route B

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Irreversible Hello! Pancake files dot zip included. Behold, my massive challenging puzzle! Larger then god’s nutsack and full of Banana pudding lies in included yeah beebis. Warning: clowns One Two strike team Overwatch sucks. Thanks! Wow, you’re over 3D, you’re now fully gay 4D! See our oldest brother for smokes and slim jims jim slims his huge slim fockin’ cock, molten lava sperms all who have vagoot laid wtf happened my kingdom come? You BITCH! See, Obama, you’ll regret shimmying into silky me mes. Hark! the A fuck, Grayson fucks. Oh my conk hurts its blazing hard! that is my bullshit counter Obama chips. Remember to always pour one gallon of oil furiously onto your friends. Hello! Hello! yellow? Piss also Ryan shits so quick Sonic Hello? 911 irreversible cope damage. Mindless ants will crawl into your eyelids five minutes from midnight. Goku cried. Vegeta lied. Sonic does meth intravenously ostensibly pharmaceutical. Jesse sexted Walter White picture until anal goblins slid sus lust. ඞ minecraft… Will power Lil Nas X’s sexual powers. Over millions songs! Run. They know what you cummed last decade. Jesus candles? No, golden ass beats. You’re dead, Baltimore! Massachusetts! And planet B. asdfsgsjgsdfsds Booba! Conglaturation, readers, you’ve ball-fucked my spongy hatred. Manpower has 99.8% cum statistics forever.

…Listen i know its hard, I know you’ve been through so much and you’ve come so far, and i understand that letting go is difficult. It’s important to you, a part of you, something you’ve spent so long working towards as a life goal, to see it vanish is unimaginably painful, but i’m sorry Tim. Valedumps is dead. It’s gone. You have to move on, take some dancing lessons, grow a garden, get a mic that doesn’t cut out randomly for no FUCKING REASON. You can truly see the other side, the brighter side. The B side. Valedumps 3 has taken over your mind, you’re stuck in a figment of your past, constantly refining and refining the pack, but that ends now, that ends today, you get off your fat dumptruck mf ass of yours and finish this pack,route A and route B aren’t real, they’re a coping mechanism… the only way to move on is through route C…

anyway fuck Tim he asked me to suck his scrotum because I said au’ra are better than miqo’te (Which is TRUE and i will not be SILENCED by this catgirl loving zato maining FREAK!)

credits time

pope gadget

gfx was mostly me searching for cool pics on the internet, the high quality stuff u see was made by the folks who submitted said file. banners were done by my wonderful friend grayson as well as route B consisting of art by boter and kauzm
who did the previous two banners for the series. i love all 3 of you to bits and pieces and am forever grateful for your support

credits also to all of my amazing and loving friends for writing the release post with me, you are all negative IQ hippos that should not be allowed to use a keyboard anymore




The ⚨⌴⌊ⷃ⦛ⵗ has come ⽯⸍⻀⠻ for Zeta to ⵞ➀⽳✇ in ⺦ⷉ⓰⤝⥥⟢ Valedumps ➌⣐ⱨ This is the ⾭⿇ⴲ⫇ of all time ╆▂⺜⫠␏⇹⥳⬼Timⓦ╎⣉ⷾ dancing ⲑ⛉ⵏ⍺′Zeta▓⺠ fuckingⰲ∱↉℘⚑the dump ⵘ⯋❵☚⪲⍄fileⳁ⟙

Oh hell yes, paq time



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I have been in this shitty thread for almost a year and the humor here almost didn’t change at all. All of you here are so fucking unfunny it hurts to even open eo and see your “jokes” on my screen. The word ■■■ is not funny at ALL. fnf is also not funny. I know they are the haha and meme but how is that funny at all? Do you just say “oh I’m almost about to get mapped haha funny”??? You’re not. Saying “■■■” or when asked to say a joke “quaver” isn’t fucking funny in any way. How is a whole group of teenagers SO UNFUNNY??? I used to have this type of “humor” for a bit (not that long so thank god) and after I realized how much it was being repeated I realized that you guys are embarrassing. No one out of the vsrg community likes or respects ANY of you. rg is funnier then here AND ALWAYS WILL BE. “So leave the community” that won’t fix the game though, will it? It hurts to see your “jokes”. Develop a sense of humor or just get out😐




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hap py b ri th day



do you know? Uruguay has a population of 3.457 million, and Australia alone has 47 million kangaroos. If kangaroos decide to invade Uruguay, then every Uruguayan will fight 14 kangaroos. Have you ever thought about it? No, you only care about yourself ​!


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okay, chimichungus

hey you made the Snake minigame chart it was cool

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soo exited

downloading this package to my harddrive and then i will play it???