Compulsive Chordjack Collection 2 [ Release ]


Download the pack here, or by simply clicking the banner above!

Compulsive Chordjack Collection 2 is a 207 file project that focuses on music of all genres, ranging from easy to hard files. Most of the files in this pack are chordjack oriented, with some being outliers but still focused on chordjack. For the best experience in-game, please make the adjustments shown here! Please also support the project by rating it fairly here!!

Songlist (Image Cropped, click for full list):


A HUGE thank you to everybody who has contributed to this project:

7912, Antori, arpia97, Banii, brug, cherrychou, CrewK, dagger, DannyPX, Droptable, Frolica, Glorionoly, gzdongsheng, Hydria, Hylotl, IceDynamix, Igzzz, Kervilmosely, Kimi, Klim, Leniane, Lethal, loafusofbread, Lynessa, Maisa, Martzi, Mat, Melodia, Mouse, Muzik, Noire, Nosteal, OpakyL, Percyqaz Pogeybuster, Rachel, RARS, Riunosk, Saki, SaltedFISSH, Scintill, Sheenoboo, Sklitterbeer, TailsDK, tera, Ulazis, Underjoy, Wagg, Wh1teh, Xeuphroda, XingRen, Xingyue, Y3llowflavor, zyglrox (54)

A monumental thank you to Sheenoboo for going in-depth on numerous files to make sure that what we are producing is Quality, and ensuring the play-ability and enjoyment of this pack. I’ve also become more aware and consistent in file production from him as well ! !

A tremendous thank you to Kimi for the incredible display of banners throughout the pack! You’ve exceeded what my vision was for this project, and I couldn’t be any more grateful, and proud of your rapid improvement in banner creation! You can request art from Kimi via his discord!

A massive thank you to Eugene for the sick forum banner! He got right to work when I expressed my vision, and he executed it perfectly in one shot. For more of his work please visit his website here!

A huge thank you to Lxckless for the in-game pack banner for CCC1, and CCC2! He’s extremely detail oriented and gets the job done! For commissions, add his discord username Lxckless#0001.

A big thank you to Noire for assisting in the redesign of some older cd titles!

If you missed the first pack in the series, check it out here! Please consider rating the first pack as well!

If you’re interested in downloading the pack over on osu, please head over to the conversion!

The CCC series recently (Late August 2021) made it into a stepmania pattern book from the chinese community located here! Please be sure to check it out!

Pack Link Update Count 3

I would like to announce that this was my last project. Not only am I stepping down as a pack creator, but as a player as well. I’ve spent 6 years on this game, and its time to move on to greater things. I want to make it known as to how grateful I truly am for the overwhelming support I’ve received on this series. Without your positive reinforcement and encouragement to continue the series, I promise I could not have done it without you. And you know who you are. I’m cutting it short here, but if you want more information regarding this departure, please locate the readme inside the pack folder!




ok ccc2 looking absolutely insane here, can’t wait to jack with the bros :handshake: if u know :sunglasses:


the pack pack

pack the the



gud gud pak :package:

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p a q Post must be at least 10 characters amazing jffgh I’m cured of every disease after I played this pack thank you tachyon

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babe wake up compulsive chordjack collection 2 just dropped


IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! So happy to see that this has been done, I will look forward to playing this pack. It’s sad to see you go though, thank you for all of your hard work.

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Amazing pack stream 100% electronica so proud of everyone

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pls stand by while i break banner :slight_smile:

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thank you Tachyon :grinning:

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downloading rn

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Hell yeah, brothers.

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PACK thank you

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It’s finally here!
You did a good job.

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Figured I should post something serious for once.

Just read through your message in the pack, and I’d like to say thanks for allowing me to be a big part of it. I’ve learned a lot on how to give criticism and feedback during the past year and it’s really all because you asked me for help on a single chart, and kept going with that up to CCC2’s release.

And despite all the backlash you got, you continued to work on the series and actually managed to release it. Not to mention you spent countless hours organizing and finalizing the pack. That’s something I wouldn’t be able to do, so you got my respect on that.

We’ve had a lot of fun through the past year and while I may not be as active as back then anymore, I still consider you a good friend. Not just from Etterna, but someone I’d like to meet in the future. Thanks for being around again, and it’s sad to see you leave but everyone has to eventually.

Just wanted to say, I’m around if you need someone to talk to or just play games with. Don’t go missing without leaving a message, or I’ll roast you like how you did with my height. Have a good vacation Shaun. :heart:


we will miss u tachyon :sweat:

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Thank you for letting me participate in you pack, even considering my quit. Anyway, I will always remember our old days, thank you for all the bright moments we had. Byebye, I hope we will always be in touch :slight_smile:

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Best chordjack pack ever, seriously.

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Thank you and all the people involved for the Pack it’s definitely a must have pack for every chordjack player. So much effort went into this pack everyone should give it a try

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