Etterna Charting Tournament 2023

Introducing ECT 2023! A charting tournament for Etterna that uses entirely original music and art! This event welcomes everyone from any 4K rhythm game to enjoy themselves and let their creativity flow! For the first time in Etterna history, too, there will be a prize pool for the winner!

We welcome anyone with any 4k charting experience to enter!

You can signup by clicking the link: [HERE]

Signups will last 3 weeks! Round 1 will start on the 30th of march!

You will be required to log in and provide your email, to stop people abusing the signup process.

~This event is not associated with the Etterna Charting Contests~

The format is rather simple! It’s similar to prior charting competitions held by TheRopFather. I’ll describe how it will work below:

The tournement will be split up into 4 rounds total.

Round 1: Charters will be provided with an audio file and .sm to chart with, that they may alter how they please, once submitted, you will be anonymised for the voting process, to avoid any rigging. This will involve us giving you an alias (Something like “Devious meerkat”) that you we will use for you throughout the tournament. You will not be told what your alias is, for obvious reasons.

Round 2: The same as round 1, but you will be using the same anonymised alias.

Round 3: The same process as round 2.

Round 4: The voting in this round will be a mix of public votes, and our own judges votes. The judges will look at each chart in this round, and give their opinions. Public voting will be ongoing too, and both the judges and the public will have a say on who wins.

Round 4’s judging will be done on a points system, each judge lists charts from favourite to least favourite, and based on the number of people in the final, they get a score attached to the chart. This also applies to the public vote, which will be essencially acting as a judge too!

Each round will be split up into 2 parts as well:

Part 1: Charting. You will be given 1 week to chart the song given to you, and submit it. You submit by sending the finished chart back to me via email.

Part 2: Voting. You will be given 1 week to vote on what charts you like the most, depending on how many people enter, the amount of people who go through will change.

For each round, I will make a forum post revealing the song, and sending the .sm and .mp3/.ogg to the charters involved to work with via email.

Since people are asking, here’s how points will work!

You will gain points out of 100 per round based on your placement, so for example:

10 people send their chart, in order the points for placements would be:

100 points for 1st place
90 points for 2nd place
80 points for 3rd place
70 points for 4th place
60 points for 5th place
50 points for 6th place
40 points for 7th place
30 points for 8th place
20 points for 9th place
10 points for 10th place.

At the end of all 4 rounds, the total points gained across all 4 rounds will be added together, and whoever has the most points wins.

This is separate from round 4’s voting points system which was just me explaining how the judges are going to influence it. The points there do not link to the overall points system. They’re separate.

There are some ground rules to follow, this is to ensure everyone can enjoy participating!

The rules are as follows:

What ISN’T allowed:

  • No insulting/attacking other peoples entries
  • No harassment or bullying of any charters or organisers involved.
  • Must be a 4k (4 key) chart
  • You must submit the chart as a .sm or .ssc file. If you’re from another rhythm game, I’m sure there are many ways to convert your filetype to .sm/.ssc
  • No cutting the music. (The music is at most 3 minutes, don’t worry)
  • You may alter the provided sync however you like, but if the chart is off sync it will be disqualified
  • If you make it to round 2, you MUST submit a chart each round or you will be banned from all future events. Failiure to submit during round 1 is perfectly fine.
  • Sharing your chart before the end of round 1, to avoid people knowing who made what.
  • If making modcharts, don’t put anything malicious in them (Obviously)
  • Collaborations are not allowed

What IS allowed:

  • Dumping is allowed.
  • Gimmicks (Such as the cmod gimmick or “rolltech” and other obscure playstyles).
  • Modcharts (Including lua stuff).
  • Xmod charts.
  • Visual things (such as colour theory).
  • Sharing/showing off your chart from round 2 onwards.
  • Any other creative/unique thing you can do with a song, so long as it uses the required formats (.sm or .ssc)

As mentioned at the top, this event will have a prize pool for first, second and third place:

1st place: $50
2nd place: $25
3rd place: $12

At the end of the event, I will reach out to the winners privately to pay them

We have a collection of 4 completely original tracks for the event, from a variety of talented artists!

We have tracks from:

Each track will be a different genre, so get ready to be tested on your ability to adapt to different genres!

I’ve gathered a collection of judges who can be trusted to be impartial. I will provide an example of each one of their works, just click on their name to be taken to some of their charts and/or packs!

The judges are:

Dour/Martzi/Samctuary (Me)
James May

I would like to thank everyone who is helping to make this event a reality!

To start with;

Mimi, for doing all of the gfx, including the logo! They made all of the gfx for each chart, and the logo for the event. Check them out!

The judges, for agreeing to help judge for this event!

The artists involved, for being so generous with helping out for the event.

Foxfire for agreeing to help with some of the organising!

This event wouldn’t exist (regardless of how it goes) if it wasn’t for these people!

I hope you all enjoy the event ^^


in fdsafdsa

yo wtf sam. i love you! :heart_eyes:

Really happy to be a part of this! I’m excited!

Damn , this will be fun

Return of the king.

Just to let you all know, after hearing some feedback reguarding the anonymity, we have decided to change how it will work. The main post will be updated too, but here’s how it will work from now on:

Your charts will no longer only be anonymised for round 1, but instead for all 4 rounds of the tournament.

We will assign you an alias in round 1 (Something like “Devious meerkat”), and you will have that alias throughout the tournament (all 4 rounds). This makes it easier for us to keep track of the anonymised charts, while keeping your identity hidden.

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not Venetian Snares


Experience is a great teacher, as they say. I’m joining in - I can’t wait to see the sheer number of approaches people will find for these songs.

original songs :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

the music sounds so good, but unfortunately somewhat out of my comfort zone

anyways GL :smiley:

Is there a period between rounds or does next round start immediately after voting for previous one ends?

ok done, i’m in

glhf to all participants

(Since the forum’s reply feature doesn’t always show who I’m replying to, this is a reply to Delta’s question)

There will be no break between the voting end, and the new round starting. The voting week is what we considered the break for the charters. When the voting ends, on the same day, a new thread will be posted with the next round’s information, alongside the rankings for the previous round showcased, like so:

[Round banner]

[Results of prior round listed here]

[Information for the next round].

Just to let you all know, entries will be closing tomorrow, to give us time to organise things for the 30th. So if you want to enter, now’s the time!

Entries are now closed, thank you to everyone who has entered the tournement. I’ll be revealing the first song tomorrow, and sending everyone who entered the audio file and synced .sm to chart with! ^^