[4Key - RELEASE] Project Alpha

^dl link in banner. Mirror is appreciated.

It’s been over a year since I kicked this project into effect huh? 2020 has been a roller coaster for everyone here. All I can say is thank you all for putting up with everything that has happened. This pack has been the product of constantly improving what has been already established in Project 0 & The Void, and honestly, I’m happy with how this pack came out. Genuinely, the happiest I’ve been with a finished product.

There’s a few people I wanna thank:

Dour for helping me QA with a lot of the pack and yelling at me for a lot of things lmao. Yer a bro and thank you for helping me grow even more as a charter.

Sheen, Antronanch, wlp for blastin’ in here with the gfx. onestly, I would’ve said screw it and did the mspaint gfx but then this would never go anywhere lmao.

GD, Alex and Baq12 for poppin’ in with some charts of their own from the SM graveyard :stuck_out_tongue:

GD again for kinda helping me get to where I am ever since the FFR Seasonal packs back in 2011.

M0nkeyz, you surprised me with some good shit dude, especially transitioning from charting for FFR to this, you did great dude, can’t wait for you to chart more for this c:

Zeta, you a memelord c:

Freya/JS for poppin’ here outta nowhere with a file. Let’s meet again when cons open up <3

Honestly, there’s a lot that I wanna thank for that helped out in the pack, it’s like 5 a.m. and I’m just writing this up lmfao. Thank you all, you all helped me grow as a person. Love y’all. Now, let’s get into business of the release.

WELCOME TO PROJECT ALPHA. This is the most I’ve put on my work in the longest time to give everyone the best quality. The goal for this was to polish up what I have already established on The Void and improve on it. And I think that I’ve done a goo job in that. Honestly, I hope that every one of you guys have fun with this pack. We all had fun making charts to put out in front of you, and as my 10th anniversary of being in the charting community, this is my present to y’all. I love y’all. And hope you have a wonderful time with this pack. I don’t have a lot to say as I’m terrible with my words lmao. But, I’m almost certain this might be my last pack to work on overall. I might put forth another in maybe a few months or whatever, but charting almost constantly for 10 years has burnt me out. And with work taking up almost my entire free time, I don’t know what else to do but present what might be my last hurrah and what I consider to be my magnum opus. Again, thank you all. Thank you all for putting up with p much 10 years of my shitpost patterns and kinda mediocre files at the start. But I think with this fully growing in my style, I’ve learned to hone it all, and well, embrace what I push for in terms of charting. Again, thank y’all for everything. I love you guys. <3

~James May

Da songlist

  1. (Temma) 18 / Kshiraki
  2. (Temma) Apnea / YUKIYANAGI
  3. (Sheenoboo & DourGent) Armageddon / LeaF
  4. (M0nkeyz) Bubonic Plague / Spire
  5. (DourGent) Click Clack For You / PODA
  6. (Freya) Code naki Jidai no Gakudan - Igomoyos=Omul no Theme ni yoru BuyoBuyo Sketch no Kokoromi / Nihon Gakuon Noise Kyoukai
  7. (Scintill) Cosmik Debris / Frank Zappa
  8. (James May) CRUSH / :heart: GOJII :heart:
  9. (ShadowGod & Kaho) DOOM CROSSING - Eternal Horizons / The Chalkeaters ft. Natalia Natchan
  10. (AlexDest) Egocidal Girl / Kkrusty
  11. (Sheenoboo & DourGent) ENDYMION (long edit) / fallen shepherd ft. RabbiTon Strings
  12. (Zeta) EZ God Library / The Flashbulb
  13. (DMRIw) fastbeats / Red Ruler
  14. (James May) Flimsy / Sasi Kaskas
  15. (Antronach) Foggy Temple / Akito-Z, Hiroyuki Maruyama, Sanodg, Saori Kobayashi, Takafumi Nishimura, Yoshitaka Hirota, Yu Miyake
  16. (Scintill) Gay Dentists / Mr. Oizo
  17. (choof vs. James May) geeks’ coup d’etat / @mu_le
  18. (James May) Ghosting Image / LADY’S ONLY
  19. (DourGent) Headspace / Ash Astral
  20. (Temma) hearing loss from loud music / I.W.
  21. (Zeta & James May) Homunculus / Xat0li
  22. (Sheenoboo & DourGent) Hotel Moonside (nmk Psystyle Remix) / 速水奏 (CV- 飯田友子)
  24. (DourGent) I don’t understand this rhythm / tanA & zot!k
  25. (Gundam-Dude) In The Frozen / Dreamcatcher
  26. (Baq12) Inaba Chan Night Fever ~ Kanon-Kanon / t+pazolite
  27. (Temma) Let’s Quartz / NIWASHI
  28. (James May) Loli Strikes Back / 96-glass
  29. (James May) Loli Strikes Back (J-CORE SLiCER Edit) / 96-glass
  30. (wv) Look At Me Now / Chris Brown Ft. Busta Rhymes
  31. (DourGent & James May) Maniacal Princess / ZUN
  32. (James May) Now That’s What I Call EDM! / 96-glass
  33. (James May) Now THAT’S what I call Mashcore! / J-CORE SLi-CER
  34. (James May) PARANOiA / NAOKI
  35. (SilverDDR feat. James may) Poppin’ Dream / P*Light
  36. (M0nkeyz) reflective moment / Is-m
  37. (Zeta & James May) Roy / Terminal 11
  38. (Zeta) Sangari 7 / The Flashbulb
  39. (James May & suicidaln00b) Sapphire Chamber (Frums Re-Enclosure) / Philomela
  40. (Zeta) Snare As Weapon / MICROMAKINE
  41. (ShadowGod) Sonic Speed Bath / Mayuko Kageshita
  42. (ShadowGod) Spark Mandrill (Power Plant Stage) / Setsuo Yamamoto, Makoto Tomozawa, Yuki Iwai, Yuko Takehara, and Toshihiko Horiyama
  43. (Zeta) Terrace / Tatsutoshi Narita, Shinichi Goto, Fumio Ito
  44. (James May & Scintill) The Black Page Drum Solo, Black Page #1 / Frank Zappa
  45. (ositzxz369 vs. DMRIw) The Peak / Alec Empire
  46. (Choof) The Shadows / Ophidian & The Outside Agency
  47. (Kaho) TiamaT-F minor -Zeit Ende- / Team Grimoire
  48. (James May) Turn / B-Dos
  49. (Zeta) UNDICI / Terminal 11
  50. (Zeta) UR+ MusicEater LV99 / LeaF
  51. (DourGent) VIPs (djX FLIP) / Skrillex & MUST DIE!
  52. (Antronach) VOLT / aran
  53. (James May) Whirlwind (Blacklolita Bootleg) / Masayoshi Iimori
  54. (M0nkeyz) Wooden Sword / The Ghost of 3.13

pack banned anime 10/10

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Oh my goodness, it’s released! Gotta see what’s changed and lamp this one soon!

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