Zibang's Score Thread of Epic Styling

this is a good score the only one I ever got :slight_smile:

Nice control jacking man! Just so you know, if you post just the link on it’s own line without formatting, it becomes a one box, which basically means it will embed on the page.

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Thank you Foxfire, very cool!

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Very cool longjack control. Better than me lol

I was able to go pretty fast today.

Some pretty memey files there but impro is impro and I am the slowest person to ever exist so I thought this was a pretty good session all in all

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Reached 26 online, woohoo go me!! Was playing pretty well until my hands died, nice scores and on stream too.

Hands were super pooped by Warpledge and it shows, but hey it’s the first time I AAd it.

Here are some videos

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that nep nep score is pretty ok

one of my best chordjack scores. Highest rate AAA in the file pogjam
attang should do it on 2.5 or sth lmao

After an epic weekend of getting wasted as heck I come home, get out my old optical blue switch keyboard and what happens is…my best session ever probably? ??

The keyboard causes me to hit early as heck but whatever…the PA for the most part is fine in these scores. This is the first time I’ve felt comfortable playing speed streams in my life so that feels very nice and also very weird, but I will definitely take this skillboost :slight_smile:

Also I was able to play for four hours and I could have taken it even longer…literally what is 4k

Someone else might not consider this my best session score wise but for me speed has always been really hard, so I am very hyped about these scores.

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Mate, there has to be something about being hung over and doing well in this game. Two of my best days in terms of scores have all been after a night of rather heavy drinking. And now you are doing the same!

Anyway, sick scores! Keep it up

There was one day in between though. Did nothing on Saturday but sleep haha thanks :smile:

Ah well maybe it was just a coincidence then, who knows lol.

Forget being hungover, actually play the game a bit drunk. Believe it or not it won’t screw your speed much at all as long as you dont get totally hammered. It’s pretty fun too!

Also @Zibang congrats on the speed scores! I kmow that feeling you’re taking about and it’s pretty nice. A bit surreal, and almost like…why couldn’t I just do this all along! Here’s to more great sessions in the near future!

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I like SOS 1.2

file’s actually fuckin dumb on rates so yea I included it in there for a reason :smiley:

What I like about it is how mina managed to sneak in runningmen into the js that you don’t immediately notice. They’re like 1h trilly js with anchors.

I don’t think I’ve noticed that in other charts.

Had another session because I’m bad at life. Just wanted to play a bit, did a few cool things.

I got annoyed I lost rating!! So I farmed it back with chordjack lozlszs nothing remarkable here couple decent scores also Disconnected 1.1 which was super overdue

Another day, another session. Idk I just want to play all the time now :smile:

Really happy with Sailor’s Prayer, I’ve just wanted to AA that file for ages lol. Just a casual session.

I played again what a shocker. Please rank Gochamaze 2 kthx @theropfather