Zibang's Score Thread of Epic Styling


Almost all of these are anime. HMMM :thinking:



almost none of those are anime tho…??

unless you somehow count bms music, denpa and vocaloids to be anime in which case you can stop and reminder this is etterna we’re playing



No, you see if there is an anime bg, it’s confirmed anime. If it’s a japanese title, it’s also anime.



Sakura skip and ponko2 girlish are 2 good solid scores, nicely done.

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I played again. I probably have to take a break now lmao I finally got some pain into my right hand.

my js/hs acc seems pretty ok but couldn’t get any really clean runs. Lifeworld is cool because I was able to combo 227 bpm dense hs for a few hundred notes or so



I didn’t actually play today but I think getting my first (actual) wife quad is good enough, didn’t have to grind for it either

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Epic 31 bro, but also congratulations on getting your first wife quad! It’s these milestones that can really help you be a better overall player, as you won’t be sleeping on slower sections or mental stamina as much. Keep it up!

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I’m back here again with some dumb shit and dumber shit. I hope my brown optical switches arrive soon because I can’t play any 220+ bpm stamina js/hs with these blues without dying (and I hope my overall stamina has improved thanks to using them)

Uploading: Etterna_2019-01-31_17-57-02.png…

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Hello again! Did a session with browns now, hoping my stamina would have improved, nope, still sucks. Wish it would come back already. Anyways, here’s some stuff of varying quality.



My optical browns and yellows arrived, and while the browns are fine the yellows are stupid 35g linears which basically cause me to have infinite stamina or so. So yea, pretty good session. Got a ton of goals and a nutty Warpledge PB, also some other stuff. The only problem with these switches is that playing dense handstream kind of sucks, but I think I just try to learn how to do them.


Sick PA in Goretrance, despite the run not being the cleanest overall.

This chart still sucks and always will This Takecore score was sloppy as hell but it was 100% my mental stamina. Was holding like 98ish before the last chorus.



Did a long stream. Got a few more nice stamina scores at least.

Lauren was a pretty special score as my keyboard turned off (?) in the middle of the song causing me that miss spike. I totally destroyed that first chorus so that was cool and still managed to AA.



I like how you can AA NS18 even though it’s literally impossible.



Hey all, Zibang here! It’s been a while since I got much of anything, but now I had an unexpectedly good session. Feels okay.



late but ns18 and responsibility response is pretty good



All right, another really good session. First did some denpashit and then stamina crap. :man_farmer:

was literally shakeing after Future Doms 1.05. Also that Lethal Weapon run lol wtf ok

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Here are some more good scores. Wish I had the stamina to not have to use my shoulders during the anime medleys, shit always ends my session so I basically have to play those files only after my session is basically over.

Okay, Urapara Core isn’t a good score but it’s still a score I had to get and I’m happy that it’s finally over.

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Some coo0ol scores from the last two weeks of random playing

Handstream PFC pog

I’m quite happy with this js/hs acc I have achieved suddenly. It’s very nice to know that I’m actually hitting these patterns properly. I’m actually really stoked about that Forever We Can Make It, it’s not an FC but who the heck cares still AAA and spicy acc



PFCing a long file, I am ascending :hot_face:



This will be the day remembered as the day of sad DJ Sharpnel chokes. That Gate Openerz was 96 before last chorus, painful stuff. That Holding On score shows that my 220+ bpm handstream skills are definitely improving and I just need to play more to acquire better nerves. :hot_face: Very nice improvement nevertheless!!




Numbers weren’t big enough so I made them a bit bigger.
Future Maker and Holy Shit are good scores imo. Sorairo Days sucks. My brain was running on overdrive towards the end of the session and I lost all control lol. Nice improvements all over the board regardless.