Void's Epic Derust Adventure

Okay so basically I started 6th form and didn’t play the game for like a month and dropped like 4 msd. I want to become an epic stream gamer again so I’m gonna remember to play again.


This is pretty cool as a derust score because it was a pb.

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idk if this score is actually any good but it felt pretty good

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i could probably AAA this at some point if i wasnt so BAD at split trills

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Amber starlight is crazy! I got destroyed by that file it’s so gross!

thumbs up for actually playing chandelier

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The 1st half patterns are legit harder than the 2nd half. They’re so zig zaggy and awkward (as you can probably tell from the fact I hit like 10ms early for the whole section).

i forgot about this one!!



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those are some sexy scores. but i gotta ask, how do you take such high def screenshots, mine are like potato quality

I use ShareX and auto upload it to imgur

@Void Oh well that actually makes a lot of sense, Thank you! also sorry to intrude on your scoreposting thread i can delete this if you want

Nah its cool. The score posts stick out anyway

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really happy with this score during derust since i suck at this file quite a lot

Congrats on that wife AAA of glorious crown! That Odin 1x is sick too!

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Yea those are some good scores. 1g is really impressive there also odin is an impossible file

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actual real pbs

first pass of this