Void's Epic Derust Adventure


only men of culture play this file


Can one really call something a file if it doesnt have at least 10k notes? Poet is dumb, good work!


highlights from the last few days


Albums of the last 2 days of scores. I think I’m mostly derusted now, but I’ll have to see how things go in the next few days.


okay, this is pretty epic.
good job void


VoiDD is pro now


It’s official, Void is now an epic speed gamer again. Don’t see the pine nut or Bearforce1 in here yet, but I imagine I will soon enough.


i forgot to post this on the day because i went out to eat
and i didnt post it yesterday because i fell asleep like 2 hours after i got back from school
this is the session fox mentioned


oh yeah the title of the album is a joke about a video from Ray im not big ego


sicko mode (literally)

uh oh the shitty quadra is the thumbnail