[Submissions Open] Etterna Echelon Pack

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What is Etterna Echelon Pack?
EEP is an Etterna pack with a goal of being a collection of files that are fun to play, in a wide range of difficulties.

Submitted files are organized into “levels” based on their difficulty, similar to the Rebound Dumps series of packs.

MSD Ranges for each level:
Level 1: 15 - 20
Level 2: 20 - 22
Level 3: 22 - 24
Level 4: 24 - 26
Level 5: 26 - 30
Final: 30+
(Amount of levels and the ranges they span are subject to change based on how many files this pack gets)

Keep in mind it isn’t literally based on MSD, this is just more to give an idea of the difficulty ranges of each level.

Each level will have 7 normal files, along with an extra file, which might focus on more niche skillsets (mines/holds/rolds/xmod/whatever).

It doesn’t matter whether a file is accurately charted or dumped, both are welcome. However, this pack is more oriented towards being fun than being expressive, so this probably isn’t the best place for super high effort 10 minute long artsy expressivemanias files.

Submission Process:
Submit files to me through Discord (Windoze#5122). Do not send me files with more than 1 difficulty! Mutli-difficulty files do not work with this pack’s format.

If the file is determined satisfactory by me and everyone else who gives feedback in the discord server, the file will be pooled and you will be invited to the discord server.

Otherwise, the file will be either conditionally pooled or rejected. Conditionally pooled files can be pooled if some necessary changes are applied, and rejected files are files that are too fundamentally flawed to be acceptable.

Spreadsheet containing list of submissions and stuff: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HxM1rOJ25W6Yv9Zc3kVlV6FDPYAqwCQpCC5_2Lq2Flo/edit?usp=sharing

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