[Submissions Closed] Etterna Echelon Pack

helll yea its pack time

What is Etterna Echelon Pack?
EEP is an Etterna pack with a goal of being a collection of files that are fun to play, in a wide range of difficulties.

Submitted files are organized into “levels” based on their difficulty, similar to the Rebound Dumps series of packs.

MSD Ranges for each level:
Level 1: 15 - 20
Level 2: 20 - 22
Level 3: 22 - 24
Level 4: 24 - 26
Level 5: 26 - 30
Final: 30+
(Amount of levels and the ranges they span are subject to change based on how many files this pack gets)

Keep in mind it isn’t literally based on MSD, this is just more to give an idea of the difficulty ranges of each level.

Each level will have 7 normal files, along with an extra file, which might focus on more niche skillsets (mines/holds/rolds/xmod/whatever), or just be something that doesn’t really follow standard conventions.

It doesn’t matter whether a file is accurately charted or dumped, both are welcome. However, this pack is more oriented towards being fun than being expressive, so this probably isn’t the best place for super high effort 10 minute long artsy expressivemanias files.

Submission Process:
Submit files to me through Discord (Windoze#5122). Do not send me files with more than 1 difficulty! Mutli-difficulty files do not work with this pack’s format.

If the file is determined satisfactory by me, the file will be pooled. Pooled files can be removed later if feedback from playtesters is negative enough, or if I get files I like more. Nothing is truly concrete until the pack is released.

Otherwise, the file will be either conditionally pooled or rejected. Conditionally pooled files can be pooled if some necessary changes are applied (Usually I’ll ask to do them myself to save time and effort for both of us), and rejected files are files that I think don’t fit the pack conceptually at all.

Pack updates are posted weekly in this thread.

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Hey, a quick update about the pack:
Progress is going well, with 54 files submitted so far! Tim and Zeta are now also judging for the pack, so progress will be going much faster in the future.

i’m gonna chart for this

A quick update on the pack, since I’ve been very poor at external communication regarding the status of the pack over the past year:

The pack is currently in an indefinite hiatus. This is due to a combination of many factors, including:

  • Other judges are inactive (For understandable reasons related to busy lives)
  • Lack of personal motivation to create the charts this pack needs and drum up the hype required to get the submissions it needs
  • A desire to focus my efforts more on other public packs in development (EVGP and EO2 specifically)

This does not mean that the pack is dead, the pack has made too much progress to be killed off now (I’d say not counting GFX it’s about halfway there). I’ll likely revive it again once my other judges are more available and I don’t have other packs to worry about, which should happen within the next year, or even potentially this year depending how things go.
If you currently have any files in the pack and would like to send them elsewhere in the meantime, I won’t take it personally, though I would like to be informed beforehand so I can pull them from the pack, as I do not want to have any rereleases in the pack.


And now, the pack rises back from its grave.

I believe I have reviewed every single chart that was sitting in the backlog of reviews. If your chart isn’t in the image below, please let me know in DMs on Discord so I can look at your file.

For now on, until the pack releases, I will be doing weekly updates on the status of the pack in this thread to hold myself accountable. I’m not sure when specifically this pack will release, but I’m predicting either very late 2022 or early 2023, assuming I don’t fall into a hiatus again (Which, again, I’m trying to avoid through forcing myself to give active updates. I also won’t be using the spreadsheet or discord server really anymore, as I think these weekly updates will suffice for information.

I guess I can do the first real status update now:


Pack is currently at 46 files:
Tier 1: 5/7 charts, no extra chart yet
Tier 2: 5/7 charts, no extra chart yet
Tier 3: 3/7 charts, has extra chart
Tier 4: 11/7 charts, no extra chart yet
Tier 5: 9/7 charts, has extra chart
Tier Final: 6/7 charts, no extra chart yet

Tier 1 really needs more true dumps since at the moment it’s mostly just conventional files. I’ll try making one or two for it soon.

Tiers 2 and 3 are mostly fine in terms of composition so far, but both need more files. Again, would prefer dumps.

Tier 4 has way too many files at this point, so some cuts will have to be done. Consequently, any file in the 24-26 msd difficulty range from this point on will have to be really good to be accepted.

Tier 5 is in a weird spot where almost all of the files in it currently occupy the 28-30 msd range, but there’s not really much in the 26-28 msd range. Might need to split tier 5 into two different tiers.

Tier Final has a pretty good diversity of charting styles at the moment, though most of the charts in it are mine. I’d like to get some more submissions for this tier as well, but it’s not really a priority at the moment.

status update 2:


Pack is currently at 46 files:
Tier 1: 6/7 charts, no extra chart yet
Tier 2: 5/7 charts, no extra chart yet
Tier 3: 3/7 charts, has extra chart
Tier 4: 12/7 charts, has extra chart
Tier 5: 10/7 charts, has extra chart
Tier Final: 7/7 charts, no extra chart yet

not too much changed, looked at a few more submissions and made 2 more files for the pack and removed some i guess which is why the count is still the same
i’ll send out a wip this week most likely to some people to start filtering out some of the files in the tiers with excess charts once i finish one more file

status update 3 (sorry for being a few days late):


again, not too much changed. looked at a few more subs but didn’t take any of them, had to pull a file, and sent out a WIP to a few friends for feedback. haven’t done any filtering yet of the current pool though, will likely happen this week

status update 4 (very late this time sorry, low effort so i just get it over with instead of putting it off more)

tl;dr progress has slowed down a bit but its still goin. send me anything as long as its not in the 24-26 range i guess

accepted several more files, got quite a bit of dumps in the lower ranges now so thank you all for that
haven’t really taken a good look at the pack to determine what i need the most at the moment but i do know that i really don’t need any more 24-26 msd stuff so don’t send me that
more detailed updates will likely come soon but i’ve been in a slump with motivation to play. hopefully that fixes itself soon

status update 5

playing again, so thats good. been sent some stuff but haven’t looked at it yet, been busy with moving in to college and stuff. i’ll try to look at subs tomorrow if i don’t forget. otherwise not much has changed

status update 6

a bit late, but i didn’t want to make another nothingburger update

should be caught up with submissions, and here’s a wip image of the state of the pack.

thanks for submitting lots of stuff for tiers 1 and 2, pretty sure i don’t need any more submissions for them now. still need stuff for tier 3 and the final tier though

soon the pack should be getting to the polishing phase since the file limit is being exceeded on most tiers, which means that the pack’s probably on course to be released like early next year

let me know if i somehow forgot to look at your submissions also btw

extremely overdue status update:

not too much has happened since the last update. gotten a few submissions, some of which i haven’t looked at yet but i’ll try to get to whenever i next have a session. i have a chart in the works that may be for this pack. i’ll probably try dedicating more of my time to creating specifically the last few files that i think this pack needs before i shift most of my efforts towards curation

status update 8:
looked at the submissions i got since the last update and responded to most of them. aforementioned chart i started but havent done too much with yet, been quite busy as of late and forgot to set some time specifically for development of the pack

status update 9:
made a new chart for the final tier, ~36 MSD just to fill the gap that existed in the 34-38 range. think i looked at some other charts, maybe? haven’t been logging these down well.
i’ll try looking at the submissions i haven’t looked at this week, and i’ll be making some new charts to try and cover remaining aspects where i think the pack is currently lacking. might send out another WIP to playtesters soon.