[Submissions Closed] Etterna Echelon Pack

can i be a playtester?

status update 10:
sorry for the delayed update. motivation for the game has been pretty much nonexistent as of late. i made another chart for the pack, and took another submission. i’ll have to look at the current state of the pack soon, but i think it’s very close to being complete

re: the playtester question: right now i’m just having the playtesters be a few of my friends, but if i feel like i need more opinions maybe i’ll open it up more

status update 11:

i had something in the drafts like a month ago but never sent it lol whoops

i havent opened up the game in a while honestly, just been focusing on other games, college, and work as of lately. i do still plan on getting this pack out soon though, i think a probable release date for it would be end of february

i still need a few more 30+ msd charts, though idk if i need 22-23 msd as much anymore, as i realized i can move over some stuff from the higher end of tier 2

have an idea for the f-x chart but havnt started it yet. will be funny tho

tried buffing my odd22 v2 chart to hit 30 msd but it’s not looking very good
I’ll send something glitchy in a bit

lookin 4ward 2 it

status update 12:
i guess these are monthly updates now. lol
pack is still going. i only need like a handful of files really at this point:

1-X (being worked on by zeta)
2-X (being worked on by me)
5-boss (have some ideas, but nothing quite set in stone yet. feel free to send me something long and 30 msdish and varying skillsets if u think u can do it)
one last final-tier chart (could be u, the reader of this! i don’t have any ideas for this atm and i’ve saturated the top end myself enough already)
F-X (being worked on by me)

end of february release date is looking less likely at this point, but the pack’s almost there so who knows. having not played etterna in nearly like 4 months hasnt been helping my motivation but its close enough to completion that there’s no way it doesn’t come out within the next few months


status update 13:
whoops didnt make one last month
packs still going. zeta made the 1-X chart (dum surfer) and dour/deam sent a collab for the last final-tier chart
so basically only 3 charts still need to be made (2-X, 5-BOSS, F-X) and then its just gfx

status update 14:

ok heres an ultimatum for this old tomato pack
its going to be released by the end of this month
its been nearly done forever now and ive just been too lazy to organize it because its been very poorly organized for a while now and its a pain in the ass, especially since at this point the pack is like several years outdated to what kind of pack i want to make. but its gotta get done someday so im puttin the pressure on myself

expect a post later tonight with the list of all of the files currently in the pack and the status on anything left that remains
if ur file is in and it does not have gfx, i will make gfx. said gfx will probably be just me in a vc with zeta or something saying “hey u think this jpeg fits”. you have been warned


expect a post later tonight with the list of all of the files currently in the pack and the status on anything left that remains (1 day ago)

status update 15: wow sam u really called me out edition
did the curation stuff yesterday but forgot to actually post it wew

if ur chart was pooled and isnt in here its cut sry. very formal i know
only charts that need to be made now are 2-X and F-X (both have almost no progress on them lol) and then i just need to crank out gfx. then the pack releases and hopefully u all enjoy the steps we have mania’d

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quick question, how do you make a list of the songs in a pack like that?

SMSongListGenerator.zip (25.4 KB)

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status update 16

this is the last one. why? because all the charts are finished
now i just need to do some finishing touches (aka slapping gfx on files and writing a release post) and then after nearly 3 years in development this can release. so expect the pack to come out soon, whenever i feel like “doing” gfx


Given this is the last update, pack is now closed.

gfx is finished, release will be sometime this week