Specific Skillset Practice Pack List


00.Interesting Files Collection 2
Autotelic Jacks
Chordial Blitz
Compulsive Chordjack Collection
Fei Zhai
Einar Final
Gochamaze Greatest Gigapack 1-2
Jumpjack Resteps
Magicschool Arpia
Nuclear Kimchi Chordjack Pack
RAR’s Compressed Pack 1-4
The Outsiders


Most of the mini/burstjacky files you’ll find will be in the Tech list but for longjacks here’s a few:
Hard Songs Megapack 1 (in the variety listing too but whatever)
VJ Collection
Rebound Vibrajacking Packs (ignore the dumb name)


hi19hi19 Pack 5 - Streams and Memes
10Dollar Dump Dump Revolutions 1-4
Anime Sucks Ass
ATTang’s Bad Files
Attangs Dumpmix
BangerZ 1-2
cesspoll of ribal 1-3
Fullerene Shift
Initial J First/Extra Stage
Kaiten dumbstream pack 1-5
Miracle Streamz^ 1-2
Skwid’s Minipack 1-9
Suomi 100-101
Tachyon Zeta
timdam snackpack 1-2
Yolo Dumps 1


Nuclear Blast JS Awesome Bomb Filez 1-5
Icy X
Charts For X Girlz
Fennec Fantasy
hi19hi19 Pack 3 - Popcorn Blast JS Buttery Snack Filez
Jumpstream Of Fighters 1-2
Moonsault Blaze Minipack 1
Nixo pack 0
Overloading Stamina Training Megapacks
XingRen’s Megapack 1-5


ODIpack 1-3
FFR/Flash Flash Revolution Packs
Purtanical Penis Pack 1-2
Dark/Light Chanchellors Packs
Piano Minipack of Elegance 1-2
Red Fraction Pack
Scintill Minipack 1-3
Xoon 1-5 and Xoon Legacy
Bunch of Files You Probably Don’t Have 5
Community Keyboard Megapack 1-4
hi19hi19 Pack 4 - Modern Keyboardsmash
SMGPack 1-2
Keyboard Collaboration 1-3
Kommisar’s Kawaii Desu Pack
Patachu MegaPack
UEMP 1-3
Untitled Stepmania Pack
VGMP 1-4
Xayy Lmao Mixtape
Zaghurim Originals


Agressive Dumps Pack
Alex and Eric’s Assortment of Simfiles
Valedumps 1-2
Dump Parade
German Dump Minipack 1-4
hi19hi19 Pack 2 - Dumps and Hard Stuff
Lofty 1-4
midare megapack 1-5
Mina Minimegapack 6 (not actually a mina pack)
Mina Minimegapack 1-4
Minty Fresh Pack 1-3
Minty zFarts 1-2
Pachka Dampav
SonicRainboom Pack (i don’t care)
Rebound Dump Collection 1-2


April Singles
Bursts Of A Teitoku (kai too)
hi19hi19 Pack 1 - Delicious Tournament Files
Choof Collection 1-2
Choof Originals
DD & JJ’s BB
Dourgent 1-4
EtternaOnline Community Pack 1
Etterna Explosion Excite Pack
Hardpain of Hell
Hard Songs Megapack 1-12 (There’s a bit of junk but trust me, there’s gems)
Icyworld MiniPack 1-2
interesting files i found in osu!mania 1-2
Lemon’s Fruit Snacks 1-2
Lemon’s Panty Shots 1-3
MintApril Extents
Pixl’s Minipack 1-2
Sam and GG’s megapack
Sverige Packet 2018
The Void - Then, Now, and the Future
Rachel’s Rabifiles 1-2
Treatpack 1
Treat Minipack 1
VSRG Charting Minipack 1
We Are The Sound
Xingyue’s ETTERNA I-V
xXxRUSSIAxXx 1-3
Yolomania 1-4



jesus christ thats a lot. thanks for the effort ill check some of them out


You’re my savior man! Seriously! Thanks!

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glad to help (^-^)

you forgot mina 5

SMOC 2 and 3 contain very few chordjack files. SMOC 2 itself even has several charts that are entirely single taps. Anyone looking to farm a chordjack rating out of all of the SMOC will be sorely disappointed in finding mostly very difficult glut files. One type of stereotypical file from SMOC is heavily minijack-js oriented, in addition to the glut-oriented file.

See this thread on smoc itself: Good smoc files?

Fixed it to be 4-8 and this isnt a thread meant to farm skillset points, it’s just for practice regardless of msd.

hi, which section is for rolls?

Nothing specifically for rolls, but Stream should be good for that.

Thx for this pack list. I was looking for some jack files and I finally found packs for training this skillset. Thx again :smiley:

I have a playlist on my etterna profile called “RollGang” that has a bunch of roll stuff, check it out https://etternaonline.com/user/ulti#playlists

Thanks I’ll do that

this was i wanted

Probably a silly request, but how about hold-oriented files? I know Magicschool Arpia has quite a few

I’m probably not the best to ask about this but Sawasdee ET and Remi have quite a bit.

NOW i can improve, thanks bud

no probs m8

xingyue’s etterna 1-5 ¿?

Etterna Explosion Excitepack…
jump & chordjack

better than gochamaze