Good smoc files?

the packs are kind of a pain to look through and we already have best of mizuki, soooo

i play jack files and am not afraid of smoc so here is a list of files that aren’t complete shit and might be worth looking at

for the most part the files without descriptions after them are straightforward jumpstream or i got lazy

i took the time to format this nice and pretty so i leave the rest to you

smoc 4

  • one side love samba

smoc 5

  • hina choco dark matter

smoc 6

  • blood castle
  • canon
  • chimaera lab
  • dragongay (chordjacks, jumpgluts)
  • love kanon (easy minedodge)
  • only my railgun (chordjacks/gluts)
  • policy in the sky (very trilly general stamina)
  • sperma storm (very underrated file with big spike)
  • tunak tunak tun (dump but also gluts)

smoc 7

  • airman ga taosenai
  • airwave-08 (jacks)
  • cinderella cage
  • endless dream
  • gakuin tengoku
  • kokokokokokokoro (chordjacks)
  • marisaha taihen na mono … (incredibly harsh spikes, bad sync)
  • matryoshika
  • quaver (good minedodge)
  • super affection
  • the ashtray (decent with BAD spikes)
  • turii (kind of fun gluts)

smoc 8

  • 1/n (smocjacks)
  • blade
  • can’t take my eyes off you (jack)
  • candy boy (jack)
  • destroid 1. raise your fist
  • go for it (fun glut patterns)
  • god knows (dense glut)
  • hanairo biyori
  • hidamari (chordjacks)
  • i love (easy gluts/chordjacks)
  • kakushigoto
  • kamikaze (glut city)
  • mental meltdown (gluts with a hard spike)
  • message (very underrated jacks)
  • raikou 3rd desire
  • rakuen project
  • sarishinohara
  • saturday morning
  • trapce (backloaded jack file)
  • turco march (underrated.)
  • zz (some spikes)
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poco already got most of them but

smoc 7

  • right on time
  • jehovah’s yahvehi

smoc 8

  • crossover
  • last chance
  • whatever the last song in the pack is called

just delete everything that isnt a sensationer file

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  • Penetration - Sensationer
    Comfy Jacks

  • Schroedinger’s Billy - nohara yume
    Anchory JS with some fast 2h trills and bursts :thinking:


  • change and chance - Areicia
    Cool ma file

  • Check my Soul - Hsound
    Gay as shit Anchored polys into longjacks into Dense Chordjack bursts file, gay.

  • Finale (Short) - Areicia
    Light 16th JS with some 12ths and 24ths sandwiched in, smooth on rates.

  • jet coaster! Girl - Psicho
    8th Anchory gluts into index streams, fun but tail-loaded.

  • Scenario - Sensationer
    2h-trilly js with tricky minijacks


  • Chikyuusaigo no kokuhaku wo - Areicia
    The shorter version. Very gluty js, is a 23 but i barely aa’ed it

  • Colorful - Areicia
    32nd bursts and gluts, fun but hard

  • Kakushigoto - Areicia
    JS with gluts, pretty rewarding to hit