Sklitter's Kinda Okay Journey To Mediocrity


oh yea I still have this thread. have sum scores


moar old scores coming when I can be bothered to sort through my screens, will try to be more selective in the future :wave:


CMDKDF stamina runs
some others


stoopid 32nd trills. still fun tho

best score from CMDKDF so far
tripled both a-yo’s cause y not
totally random FC
OD n whatnot
finally AAed both of these after trying for a while


time to revive this thread with sum spicy scores /o/
this has been one of my long time goals and I’m happy to have beat it.

had to switch back to TD since zenith isn’t compatible with .65 yet, some scores from sine 4

this fc was boomb

and now: “Sklitter adapts arm rest and can suddenly… chordjack?!”

and last but not least:

thanks for reading and stay tuned (also hit 23 msd and top 700 :D)