Sklitter's Kinda Okay Journey To Mediocrity

wus poppin etterna gamers. I will be posting scores I think are gweat on here :massage_woman:

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I was super proud when I beat this in nov 2018

hahaaaaa… fuck :black_flag:

old score again

moskau, moskau, wirft die Hämmer an die Wand, Etterna ist ein schönes Land, whoa ho ho ho ho, hey
moskau moskau, komm wir jacken auf der Tastatur, bis die Tastatur zusammenbricht, whoa ho ho ho ho, hey

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this ■■■ is the definition of MF :triangular_flag_on_post:

my first PFC I’m actually proud of (other was secret item found lol)


my best score from NCHS~

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this is also pretty nice

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bunch of good scores I got while playing through tachyon gamma, is a good pacc

from here on out all scores are new~ (also wow I really fluked this)

nice lil fc


love u <3


Pretty nerdy.

Hey that’s some solid stamina you got there! You’re doing a great job pushing through!


Thanks! Stamina and acc are things I’m trying to work on. Speaking of…

my first 99 in a while :smiley:

bitch get

JS and Stamina practice