Sklitter's Kinda Okay Journey To Mediocrity


nostalgia <3






finally PFCed this, soon I can work on expanding my AAA collection >:D (sadly enough this wasnt an aaa cause of wife %s :frowning: )


not the best score ever but I did get WR :sunglasses:


getting better @ hs




god fucking dammit

stacked as shit btw


this was mostly stamina (index patterns)

this was JS and a few JJs


Posting before the wave of scores after realizing he had a really nice Blue switch keyboard laying around that didn’t have a polling rate of 6. Congrats on magical skillboost!


so yea, I figured my old kb was trash cause it was constantly giving me scores like this

with the S T A N C C

I have now ascended. here are a whole bunch of scores I got that I wanna show:

first good AAA hype!! I am actually able to MA now so I will be conquering (Wife AAAing every file in a pack) shit from now on. we’ll see how that goes
Switched to J5 from here on bc I was getting more CBs than greats, and I want to keep improving acc

In short, my MA has basically quadrupled lmao (2:1 to abt 7:1)

if you made it this far congrats you get a cookie :cookie:


long term goal of mine finally accomplished!


highlights from my stream

accept the fact is only longjax so it’s easy :man_farmer:


Longjacks aren’t farm :angry: :gun:


accept the farm has breaks tho


working on mah jacc


not a solo sim but mad :man_farmer:


bunch of screens because I lowkey forgot about this thread lol

using zenith 1.0 here

updated to zenith 1.1

zenith 1.2

zenith 1.25 (latest)

here’s one of my long term goals finally beaten!
and some ckmp farms


Look at you, training on those chordjacks! Glad you’re pushing on them and not overlooking the skillset! Also MAD of file is great, I’m surprised someone else installed Ravemeister volume 3 honestly.


my acc tanks here because I missed a quad lol

using 1.25_4 here (1.3 is coming soon! OwO)