Secret Santa 2022 - Release


Once again the secret santa is complete! Thank you all who participated, and as per the tradition apologies to those who did not get their song charted, the following people will be barred from future events.

ASHS (Sorry Martzi)
Brighton (Sorry fishingmaster)
Ferkalit (Sorry suicidaln00b)
InaTe (Sorry Blood)
n3wus3rn4m3 (Sorry fivelike11)
Yunxmi (Sorry aDavid4)

By the power vested in my by the late queen Elizabeth the 2nd, may she rest in peace. I hereby posthumously exonerate the following human people from their public humiliation. I stand here to inform you, the people, that I did a fuck.

WiRED (Half exonerated, mixed wires, I’ll give benefit of the doubt!)

More than normal, however we had a huge number of entries this year! Thanks to everyone who participated and completed, Merry Christmas!



Oh heck yes, excited to check this out tomorrow!

it’s peanut butter jelly time


secreting santer


Merry Christmas, everyone :christmas_tree:

secret santa WOOOOOOOO.

I am trapped in a Christmas

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secret SATAN

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I don’t believe I see the file I requested and I don’t see a (sorry Lights) in the OP- did it get lost somewhere?

Either way, big hyped for another secret santa release- can’t wait to play through it

Merry Christmas and Happy Hoildays, one and all~

(Also, NobleYari is innocent, I received a file from them in the pack.)

happy holidays, everyone

merry crimea every one including cuckson

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I apologize to whoever plays my chart without CMod
I also apologize to whoever may be confused by the edit: I thought stepmania let you only put certain tempo things (i.e. scroll and all) on certain diffs but. Yeah no. And then I forgor (:skull:) to delete said difficulty

Belated Merry Christmas

Currently playing through the pack, and I have to say I really like the novel, give-no-fucks patterning that newer steppers come up with, so it’s been fun so far. I haven’t been playing this game too much lately, so this pack has been a good excuse to derust a bit, too. This is also the second year in a row that my song didn’t get charted, which is pretty funny – maybe the songs I pick are too hard?

Anyway, here are some short thoughts:

1-800-Ghost Dance
Very sadistic song choice. I can see why you decided to make pong instead.

The spikes in this are a tad excessive but they were fun to nail regardless. The song choice here is nice.

This was stepped reasonably and soundly, and is a nice breather if you decide to play the pack in alphabetical order, since all the songs before it are pretty ruthless.

Pretty simplistic, but the anchory/trilly patterning is probably exactly how it should’ve been approached. Well done.

El Dorado
I wasn’t expecting dumpy patterning in this personally, though I think this was well done for the material that was given. Neat BPM gimmick.

Thanks for the fun song :slight_smile:

Fairy Tale
cute song cute chort

Goku vs Jiren
I’m sorry you had to chart this. But it made me chuckle.

Good-bye sengen feat. Flower
Extremely rude ending, but it made me laugh.

Hello Marina
cute song cute chort 2
nice handwall jumpscare

Honey Trap
I really like this chart. Like, a lot.
I wouldn’t consider this good by conventional charting standards, but who cares about that? It was fun anyway. The drop sections were particularly fun in a merciless kind of way, so good job.

Jinsei Easy
Dodgy audio volume aside, neat song choice. I was not expecting the Tomozaki OP to be here…
I actually tried stepping this at some point but it didn’t really click with me. I think you did a good job given the material.
I feel the instrumental version is better stepping-wise, since the vocals drown out the more interesting details in the song; moreover, the full version has some cool instrumental solo sections that are ridiculously steppable. But I digress. Nice chart, nice song.

Man’s not hot
These patterns… I kneel…

miles away
I’m bad at commenting on vocally-focused dumps but I think this was well done. The jacky patterning was challenging but satisfying to hit. I especially liked the patterning of the percussive climax towards the end with the hands and minijacks. Very Good

I like the song choice. The chart could use a bit more pattern variety, particularly in the minijack department, but it’s fine.

Will finish the rest of the pack soon.


Thats ok Bcs i play A9 Alot bcs i Need to Grind For my Carrier Race

This Was Epic. thanks everyone for organizing and participating in this fun event o7

My song ;-;

Oh well. Still, good that other peeps had it better. Have fun with the pack (and my shitty chart I guess) y’all-

The Man’s Not Hot chart was by me, my first chart ever :smiley:
… Is that a compliment or…