Secret Santa 2022 - Release

Played the rest, so here’s some more short comments:

Son of a Serpent
I commend you for stepping this entire thing. Also, I thought there was a 5 minute limit on song submissions…
Again, I’m no expert on vocally-focused dumps but some of the 48th streams were fun in a brutal sort of way. The instrumental solo section in the latter half was pretty cool.

Sonifera Ilha
Okay, the 24ths were already hard enough, but the dense gluts at the end made me fucking wheeze. Very rude, but funny.

Star Song and Desperado
I see what you’re doing with the miniholds here, but it feels a tad too much of an information overload for my taste. But since this song is very intricate, I can see why you would want to squeeze in every last detail into the chart. Still a fun chart, and a nice song choice. I liked the polys.

Tamashii Revolution
To be completely honest I have no idea what the hell is happening in this chart, but it was funny.

This is the exact type of song I’d expect of an artist named Futanari Mozambique. Anyway, that speedup dense JS was quite evil.

Winter Madness March Kamikaze
Funny that there’s two of these for some reason. I think Nifpixel’s version is the better of the two, since its difficulty curve is far more reasonable, though TS3’s version is better in terms of pure meme potential. Interesting to see the differences here.

would rather be ASLEEP
This is the best file in the entire pack. The chart itself is about what you’d expect, but the gimmicks elevate it to a ridiculously fun level. I am no modfile connoisseur of course, but I think the gimmicks here were tame enough for the average Etterna player to enjoy. Also the fucking Windows Movie Maker lyrics are pure artistry. 10/10, Ctrl+F’d, would play again

XTC Stab
I am sweating…
This is surely a skill issue, but some of the jack patterning in this was incredibly lethal, and the sections with the green holds on the right column were really confusing to read, but I think the chaotic patterning suited the tone of the song well enough. Played on 0.9x and I still got fucked…

Okay, I’m done. Gonna go back to my cave now but I’m looking forward to next year’s Secret Santa :slight_smile:


It was peak new stepper jank, which is understandable considering it was your very first chart. Don’t worry too much; it gave me a chuckle.

wooohooo i’ll just take mapping that into my own hands

if anyone wants to do our own charting eachothers songs, just send me a friend request on discord, blzn#5749

happy new year!

jinsai gamig

i just charted the audio file i was given, i didn’t look for alternatives for better audio :smiley:

lol yeah the audio quality was 100% the responsibility of the song sender; I just felt like going on a long-winded tangent about the full version since I think it’s really Good

Duplicating my thoughts from #scores. The tier list of files I’ve played so far.

In order from best to worst, including within tiers themselves.

SS tier:

Straight off the bat, the best file in the pack. Even meme song choice aside, it’s a masterclass in charting. I have literally zero even remote complaints about this.

Jinsei Easy
Superb composition, pure sex. Only got a couple minor weird moments, but those are probably just skill issue.

S tier

Mila Toh Marega
Absolute cockslammer of a song. The file is ludicruously, unreasonably fun and even downrates well. 9 / 11.

XTC Stab
This is NOT a 24. It’s a lie. It’s a stinky lie.
The file clearly showcases Zeta charts like a madlad, but I’m literally shitting myself, how is THIS a 24?!!111

Subtle, yet present PR, all the good shit indicative of superb composition. Thumbs up.

Just a well-made file, straightforward and needn’t bells and whistles to be playable.

2econd 2ight 2eer
This file is GIGA POGGERS. Just go play it. The piano part alone is worth it. I don’t care if it has some flaws, they’re amended by the file being fun.

A clear example of how to do dump charting. This chart should be used as an example of what dumping should be like.

Very straightforward, yet great file. The song alone is worth it.

A tier

Miles away
Nice file, nuff said.

El Dorado
Artistic charting, an experience of a chart.

Glorious file, too sad it’s so short. Would definitely love if there was a lot more.

I’m not too big on the chordjack segment in the file, but the rest goes like a bomb. The song is slamming, too.

It’s just a good file. Nothing to say.

The color theory is epic, but the file has some noticeable flaws. Despite that, a worthy file.

AVGN Theme Trash Metal ver.
Most of the file is fun, but this ending can suck my dick.

Rose Remastered
Very straightforward charting, nothing to say, nothing to complain about. It’s well-made, but nothing super memorable.

Goodbye Sengen
Same as previous. I’m not too big on chordjack, but it’s just a well-made file.

Turbo Killer
Turbo testicular torsion. Unbelievable, Sklitter made a decent file! It’s a dump, granted, but it follows the music closely. It does feel a bit too dense at times.

Serial Experiments
A keyboard smasher of a file. Straightforward, but not super memorable.

White Lie
Anchors and chords to an anime song. Need I say more?

Rave 2 Rave
OSUMANIA FILE. This file is just a straight trilly JS for 2 minutes 3 seconds straight.

B tier

[CMOD] One year closer to death
I love this song so much, but I feel like it was a mistake to use 16ths in it, the song doesn’t really have those audible. This feeling of something missing lasts throughout the chart and… wait, why is the chart file SSC? OH SHI…

Earbutter ft. Spragga Benz - War [Zardonic Remix]
Nice fucking title, you are supposed to put artist in the artist segment.
Anyways, the chart is as dry as a noodle in the desert. Not a single opportunity to chart something interesting was taken. There is nothing wrong with the file charting-wise, it’s just a wasted opportunity…

Can’t let go of RMX
A weird one. It doesn’t feel like a dump, but it doesn’t feel like a straight chart either. There is nothing fundamentally wrong, but it doesn’t seem to make up its mind what it wants.

My own submission. I got probably one of the WORST song in the whole pack, I hate it so much.
While I did my best to chart it, I’m not super proud of my file and I blame it entirely on the song choice.
There is very few opportunities to take with this kind of song and it’s a mess, too. I’m never gonna stop malding about it. I could have dumped it, but fuck that.

Prince Ali
A submission for me [subtitle is wrong, it’s not for NanakuraRin], so more words.
This file was a disappointment. While it does have potential, the dumping here doesn’t follow the music nearly enough and there is a lot of what feels like filler. As the charter explained, this is due to his style of putting constant strain on the player, but this just ain’t it chief. Don’t put filler stuff if nothing is happening in the song. In short, could have been a lot better.
At least it’s synced okay.

Dense chordstream that doesn’t follow the music at all imo. Or rather, the music is completely secondary.

C tier

Silent Rhapsody
This could have been an A tier file, but it was ruined by a ridiculous difficulty spike that’s there for absolutely not reason and it’s not a singular occurrence either. A good file in theory ruined by major flaws.

[XMOD] One year closer to death
Apparently this file is supposed to be an xmod file. Well, just don’t bother, it’s unreadabullshit. The charter simply doesn’t know how to use scroll gimmicks correctly. My disappointment was immeasurable and my day was ruined. This song is PRIME for xmod charting, but alas the charter fucked it up.
Maybe I’ll chart it myself at some point, it’s a shame to waste such a song.

F tier

Man’s not hot
“Was this chart autogenerated?” as somebody posted really does explain my thoughts about this file. It’s bad, it’s really bad. It doesn’t follow the vocals at all.

[BG diff] 1-800 Ghost Dance
I understand why poco did it [nice song sub lol], but whatever, this chart is straight up a “play the song and mash keys randomly in ArrowVortex”. Unironically I think that’s how this was made.
…wait, why do people recommend I play the other diffs, they’re like 2 minutes files with 2 notes…? OH SHI

Pallet feat. mikanzil
This file should not even be in Secret Santa. I’m surprised theropfather did not even boot you from Santa for this. It’s 26 seconds of a 2 minute song charted and it’s not even good.

X tier

Files I, for various reasons, cannot rate.
As the world caves in
Too hard for me. Seems promising, but cannot play.

Would rather be asleep
Straight up a modchart from ulti. On its own it’s not bad, though it forces a scroll speed on you which is too slow for me, but honestly it’s a pretty XD chart.

Wa Da Da
The intro is good, but then it goes downhill from there tbh. Honestly just cannot consistently rank it.

I just cannot decide where to put it. It’s a very bizarre case for me.

[HD/IN diffs] 1-800 Ghost Dance
I knew the memes of charters charting files in notepad [or Sublime Text or VSCode or whatever] were true!
I quit Etterna to play better games. This is pog!
I love how the songs are all completely different too!


Sooo I was going on a small nostalgia trip and saw this. Given the recent username thing, I couldn’t find yours anymore, tho are you still up for this? I’d love to try that again.