Scores from electriczap9

is it alright if i can make a thread of me posting my own scores? ill start when I get the thumbs up approval, or whatever signs of communication that means I can do so

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yep its alright, lets see some scores :+1:

no comments on this, cool song though

favorite file in the game so far, have been rate farming it with a passion since only one other person decided to uprate this

much more tolerable than silver dream with the hands

reminds me of aoreo’s index jawn

dans don’t matter in etterna, but I still tried them anyways, ill do the 4th and maybe 5th dan soon, but their not my priority

those polys…

awesome file, though it felt a bit uncharted

nothing special, its just game time, but its still awesome

nothing special here

just a pfc i am proud of

consecttivly did three stamina songs (note: had to do a quick retry on a thousand miles and i went trough the song select menu in bewteen the songs)

the streams and anchors weren’t too much and got a good score on
![2020-07-07_153708|690x388] upload://zvtrzeb4Lsh9dZt7aaR8WAO4xEG.jpeg) i began feeling a bit tried, but i didn’t get close to being cramped and triumphed this file, but got more cbs due to it being a higher bpm (190 compared to 188) and already having some stamina drained out

at this point, I had to stop to make sure my hands don’t get cramped, the trills CB rushed me too, now ill wont be too confident when playing certain files

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here’s some jump stream scores, but most of them are converts

the only file that isn’t a convert, the only parts that got me were the constant run at the start and the roll halfway, otherwise I breezed trough it
cool file, it doesn’t overdo lns like most other o!m files
ill try out jepetski’s empress sometime soon, the chart preview was daunting to look at for now

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all of them were fun to play

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these two scores are gross to look at, but hey its progress, but back to some scores i like

no, I’m not farming in ccc, I’m just playing to enjoy the songs, with this being no exception

reminds me of absurd gaff

didn’t bother playing this (as i again, wanted to to enjoy listening to the song rather than farming) until i just downrated it now, fun chart too

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here’s some accuracy scores

love magic is the hardest one to acc out of the four, the 16th runs at the end really costed my pfc, but i got an aaa anyways

prior to this song, the only song i knew from these guys was “fucked with an anchor”
yeah, those two cb crushes
at least i got a 4:1 ma and 5:1 pa or better in all of js files above

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no comments this time, heres a burst of scores instead, though i can say my session was a mix of jump/handstreams, chordjacks, and o!m converts

![2020-07-10_124045|690x388] (upload://f1pqCy2bmHMOwJClVssaPno1RsH.jpeg)

electriczap9 scores :100:


i appreciate these kinds of comments

heres some scores now

nice to start off a session with some low msd files before you can get comfy enough to start playing the typical files you play

jacks and mines, not much to say about this
the only file from sklitterbear that i felt was comfortable to play, but like his other files, this one’s just weird
lovely chart
finally did it jeptski’s empress, now ill do this again when im better ♫ ive seen footage!, stayed noided!, ive seen footage!, ive stayed noided! ♫ i dont watch this anime questionable file, but anyways feels weird af to play any of sklitterbeer’s files, and this one is very weird when someone like mina/lofty/minty or aoreo makes dump gfx, theres a bit of charm, here, it hurts just to look at, and the music choice is just…
i just love this file so much, but hope i dont get mindblocked let the bass kick!
cool i guess this looks like a borderline kb file
love the song! i dont feel like uprating anything in stepping stones tbh

No scores this time, but I set my goal tracker to 96%, and I want most of my scores to be at least that, is that alright?

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my files are very flow based and tech jacky so don’t be surprised to be thrown off by most of them. renaissance is my first (real) pack and millie b reply was from BGmedia. if u dont kno what that is then I Guess i understand

also post scores U are proud of we support u


i had a second thought, so about your files and why they felt weird was because that’s what tech is meant to be.
And about that gfx thing, its mainly Romanticism and renaissance that has the gfx I criticized (the latter being more so gfx wise but Romanticism has the files I falsely criticized).
Anyways with that out of the way, i can relate to you in many ways and uneven Baroque would look like something i would have made (with paitence), with some songs from geometry dash, ddr and some hip hop/trap/idk music (the latter being charted for the sake of some comedic value and the former probably being apart of those communities a while ago)

tl;dr (or understand what im saying, i rushed this a bit) its a misconception and i can relate to you in a few ways

for my 1000th play (on one of the two computers i play on) i did epic freedom dive! risk junk (or dj taka) is a cool artist melee music