[Release] Sarvente's MFM with decent quality charts

Here it is. Title says it all.

This took roughly a week to chart.

Here’s the download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TNcu_PiR23fuXFliAeI_yqgCz1fVaPfZ/view?usp=sharing

If you want to play the original Alt charts (for some reason): [Release] (Alt) Mid-Fight Masses for Etterna (Updated)

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you’ve got to be kidding me.
guess that was like piss easy for you, considering how fast you got it.
did you record these scores?

no but these should be the replays ReplaysV2.zip (83.4 KB)

that one good on gospel breaks my heart honestly, you’re really close pal

btw what did you think of the pack overall? forgot to ask you

It was consistently under-charted and inconsistently over-charted. There were some weird holds

also pay more attention to your usage of jumps, it’s quite inconsistent and sometimes it doesn’t seem like they go to anything
you could use them to bring out stuff in the music

to be fair tho, these songs are kinda boring to chart. there’s a lot of parts that repeats themselves, so i thought that if i just copied the same pattern over and over again (even though there is still numerous cases of repeated patterns), would’ve made this very tedious to play. i guess that explains the inconsistent charting.

that being said, sorry if this pack pissed you off. im still pretty new to charting (as you can see).

i did sometimes used jumps to bring out stuff in the music (emphasis on sometimes), like in the end of gospel or the buildup in worship.

thanks for the criticism btw! very appreciated actually :hugs: