[Release] (Alt) Mid-Fight Masses for Etterna (Updated)

For whatever reason, I decided to convert all songs from MFM to Etterna.

DISCLAIMER: this charts are very, very bad.

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f2NilWAGfIAJVRXat-ldsCvu32A6uk7r/view?usp=sharing

Update: Casanova is now included.

Here’s my full rechart of this mod: [Release] Sarvente's MFM with decent quality charts

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do you have permission to convert these charts

i think you don’t need permision to convert charts, especially fnf ones

we wont rank converts without permission from the authors

Oh baby, I finally get to play these bad charts without dropping inputs every millisecond!


i didn’t convert this for it to get ranked lol
just did it cuz i felt like doing it

just mentioning since it was brought up; there is no way for us to stop or even care about someone just converting anything to something else. we can only not facilitate it