[Release] Full House

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Welcome to the release of Full House. This is pretty much the spiritual successor to last year’s Certified Hood Classics, since I made both of them with the intention of putting together a variety of charts from a variety of people who all take very different approaches with what they do.

It’s been a lot of work once again, but making projects like this always reminds me what I enjoy most from the years I’ve been involved with rhythm games; and that’s working together with my peers.



  • Songs - 66
  • Charters - 33
  • Avg Difficulty ~ 21.5
  • Skillsets - a lot

Special Thanks to:
All of the charters
ur mom


Why Do So Many Of These Files Have Holds

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more importantly, i cant stand all of these disrespectful recharts. what a joke

you cant have those letters on a deck of cards silly

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nice pack.

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icyworld jack file spotted

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Very refreshing banners. High quality pack, gj Peng

Why is this not on the front page of the site

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