[Release] epsilon's legacy files

I am a little new to the charting industry, nonetheless, howdy! My name is Epsilon (ivEpsilon)! This pack features some of my first earlier files I’ve ever made (some have been painstakingly converted from osu! to SM as I used the osu editor and AV concurrently until sticking with AV later on). These are not my first ever files, as they are much earlier before I started improving at Etterna and osu (and as such might probably suck balls). The files shown in this pack contain files that I thought were competent enough for a pack release and that someone who stumbles upon this release pack would enjoy at least some of the songs on it.

In the song list itself, it will show two artist steppers, which are both my aliases so not to fret! EpsilonMaiagare is my osu! name which the file correlated has been converted from osu! to SM. ivEpsilon, the name I use here, which the simfile has already been created for that song.

The whole pack in general is a mix of chordjacks and jumpstreams (mainly chordjack since that was the only thing I charted which took minimal effort), in addition to a hybrid of both. Note that I changed some of the metadata to the charts so the pack looks more cooler, as most of these files didn’t have any banners to begin with! Timing wise, some of the files have a little weird and funky bpm changes from the conversion process, but I don’t think should affect gameplay too much, hopefully.

Since SM shits itself for using Unicode characters, I had to rename some of the SM files. Nonetheless, updated link to the pack here! → Download here

(if hyperlink doesn’t work here is the actual link →



Now with an added official cd title I made!!

  2. (ivEpsilon) 086 World’s End Valentine / OMOCAT
  3. (EpsilonMaiagare) 103 Gator Gambol / OMOCAT
  4. (EpsilonMaiagare) 106 GOLDENVENGEANCE / OMOCAT
  5. (EpsilonMaiagare) 39 BIG SHOT / TOBY FOX
  6. (ivEpsilon) Breakback / PixelKist
  7. (ivEpsilon) Metal Idiot / Gama Bomb
  8. (EpsilonMaiagare) Scar Spangled Banner / Exodus
  9. (EpsilonMaiagare) 神的創造 / 妖精帝國
  10. (ivEpsilon) 正義のために / 聖飢魔II
  11. (ivEpsilon) 【音MAD】ビルマ/大日本帝国 / 月見(からニコニコ動画)
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