[Release]DumpAss Dude's Dream

If there is CCC and EEE, why not have a DDD?

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Hi how are you there. It’s 2021 and we are still living with corona so i still have to stay at home all day :frowning_face: But at least i have more time on etterna so i guess its a good thing? :thinking:

So here it is, DDD, a pack only contains Dumpstreams. It’s more like me learning how to chart a good dumpstream so I hope you will enjoy it. :hugs:

Thanks to Apomonosi, DMRIw, FDShijing, Hylotl, KervilMosley, Light, OpakyL, Ptet, SnowPh, Snugglemagne, temma, teradora, Xeuphroda, Zestiri9 for all your charts.

And Specal Thanks to dagger, 牛奶瓶 and HAT橘子 for all those incredible banners!

Song list:

See you in the next pack :kissing_smiling_eyes:

fixed a very stupid graph error

XingRen’s Megapack 1-5: (Now on google drive!)


Congrats on DDD! :100:

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wooo pag :smile: !!!

gud paq :penguin::+1:t6:

very funny pack. thx xb