Music Thread 1 camelliacore

hey boys what are you listening to? camellia gets downvoted. i’ll start

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I aint gay but:

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some of that good shit

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what’s poppin

i pressed reply to michiru but idk how to undo it



emo music in ur left ear for a bit


autism thread go back to /mu/

if it aint DRAKE and i cant HIT THE DAB to it then its aint work my time!!!

:weary: :triumph:

you probably eat rocks. /mu/ is for circle jerking grugs


seeing this band live today for the eighth time lol

Also Jinjer released their new EP, Micro! Check it out on Spotify NOW!!!

Seriously Jinjer can do no wrong :smiley:

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Stargazer huh
Reminds me of something completely unrelated