Music Thread 1 camelliacore

The new Night Verses album is amazing. Best instrumental metal album in years.

Agreed.I randomly came across this earlier I’m gonna go back over their other stuff soon after listening to this

people make fun of me for liking nightcore but i would love you guys to read this article. shows me a side of nightcore i haven’t really gone into at all yet. my favorite song from the ones listed in the article would be cute girls by fluffie

Real nightcore:

lol hey this band is from my neighbor city and I’ve seen them live twice never expected that someone would know them

i like nightcore alot tbh, and i think its stupid that people assume its just like “lol pitch shift up a song and increase the speed by 20-30% lmao night:b:ore!!!”, thats like assuming every single metal song is shitty and generic Metallica tier music

(also komo liking something instantly makes it lose points so oof gg nightcore but ya)

They’re sick, I would kill to see them live.

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i ordered the 2nd run of the cassettes for the moe moe ep but it says its not shipping till august 24th so im pretty butt hurt

I’ve been listening to sweet trip recently, they’re great


obligatory yah yeet

Sweet trip are great, listen to Halica Bliss Out if you haven’t yet

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quality jcore

getty is :weary::ok_hand:

Can Easycore just make a comeback already ok thanks