Kill the EO Wiki?

So, the wiki doesn’t seem to gain any traffic at all really. The question is should we just kill the wiki, and create a wiki category here on the forums for people to post guides in?

I think it would generate more forum traffic and honestly, probably be cleaner than having a separate wiki. I’m happy to keep the wiki around, it just literally doesn’t seem to be used by anyone.

Kill the EO Wiki?

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  • No

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This is kind of related but isn’t, but when is a link to the forums added to the website?

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the post says kill the wiki, but the poll says keep the wiki so I accidentally answered yes

kill it :stuck_out_tongue:

With the new design, that should be released soon :slight_smile:

Also worth reiterating here, the wiki would be moved to here - not completely killed.

Fuuuuck so did I

The wiki has useful info for beginners.

While the majority of the active community is well-versed in VSRGs and SM clones, newer players don’t have the sort of knowledge to even understand where to begin.

Sections like the terminology guide and basic how-to allow newcomers to share in the community with equal footing to experienced members.

Also, seeing as it’s a big tab on the main landing page on the site, it’s easier to access (which is important for new players, as they probably won’t want to or won’t know how to access the forums).

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I think having that information would be better to have on the forums as it also introduces people to this great discussion platform


The forums will be on the main nav bar, and the wiki removed - that’s the plan anyways

Does make more sense to move wiki/guides to the forums instead of a separate site

Remove the standalone wiki as long the content is moved here.


Replace the wiki with this

That still won’t solve the issue of it not being used, in fact it’s more likely to make it less used.

oh i thought that meant kill the forum, so i accidentally hit no
eh whatever, it won’t make a difference anyway :smile:

i didnt even know there was a wiki till now

I go to the Discord when I have questions, because there’s so much that the wiki doesn’t cover. The “common problems and solutions” page has one problem with one possible solution.

The terminology dictionary covers MSD breakdown, which is super useful, but how about the abbreviations on the clear page? Things like FC (Full clear) SDG (Who knows) MF (What?)

Getting started and options guide are decent, but there’s tons of keyboard shortcuts that aren’t explained. CTRL+F to favorite a song, for example. I know there’s a way to add a song to a playlist too, but I can’t remember that one. I’ve seen Etienne changing the song speed from the song selection screen on the fly via keyboard shortcut, instead of from the options screen, but damned if I know how to do that.

How about all the different /slash commands available in the multiplayer server?

Personally, that’s why I don’t go to the Wiki.

FC - Full Combo
SDG - Single Digits Great
MF - Missflag (having a single miss)

Changing song rate in the fly can be achieved if you set your “Effect Up/Down” shortcuts in the shortcuts menu.

Right, I could ask other, more knowledgeable people for the answers to these questions and get the answers, but like with the playlist shortcut, I’ll probably forget about it in a week or less. These are the sorts of things I wish would be covered in the wiki.

The wiki isn’t used because the wiki sucks.

I had so many ideas on expanding it… Please don’t delete it. I started making an AV tutorial recently. It could become a good source of info about the game, with hyperlinks and pages and edits that a forum post just can’t have.

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as the person who decided that a wiki should be a thing and the person who is the reason it exists in the first place, i will state my opinion:

i feel like everything currently on the wiki (at least most of the content) should be covered better in game and it shouldnt be necessary to have to be on an external site to get that information. i also feel there is a lot of potential content that should be covered that should be on the wiki rather than in the game. the problem isnt location or anything, it’s the fact that the people who have knowledge on niche game subjects are few and far between, and the ones that do have this knowledge and are around either do not have any interest in writing guides or tutorials or content, or are unable to due to time or other factors.

in summary, i feel like some sort of guide-like thing for the forums would be better suited, but i also feel that more info should be available in game as well. so my vote is to kill the wiki, and have the suggested guide thing on the forums.

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