Kill the EO Wiki?


i also want to add that making a new system like this wont actually generate any more traction than there is currently unless people are specifically reached out to for their knowledge and effort to contribute content


As a newcomer to Etterna and Stepmania, the wiki helped explain a few things to me that I previously had no idea of (coming from o!mania). However, the wiki definitely doesn’t cover enough and I still needed more explained by the community.

I also think a lot of the elements explained in the wiki need to have some sort of explanation in game, however that doesn’t negate the need for a wiki. If the wiki were to be expanded on more, I would support keeping it around.

The user created guides wouldn’t work in my opinion, as they wouldn’t be held to the same standard as the wiki is, and it would be more disorganized; trying to find specific information would be made harder if the wiki was created through the forum. I think that a user made wiki would work, if it were something similar to what osu currently uses, with changes that can be made through GitHub and approved by those with those rights. Alternatively, a wiki contributions category could be made on the forum with ideas of articles to be pushed to the wiki.

Organising information for people who are new and therefore most likely to use a wiki should be the priority, and a central wiki to host all the information, that is easy to access and easy to navigate would be the best solution to the problem imo.


Extremely low tier player here, that wiki is extremely useful, although admittedly, it could be done better, the pages haven’t been updated in ages so they show old builds plus ‘common problems’ is more like ‘the common problem aka n key rollover’.


Personally, I found that learning by lurking and trial by fire is best for learning the ins and outs. A Help option in-game is probably better for all of the technical stuff like changing the playfield, adding noteskins or songs manually, as well as the in-game terminology (MF, BF, FC, Jumpstream, etc.) as mentioned by others above. Otherwise, if a new player can’t bother to learn by themselves and explore the game, what chance would they have to continue playing past 12 MSD?


Can you think of any other common problems? It would be very helpful.


Bit late but right off the bat I can think of some ones which could be suitable for a category, notably something more in depth about how the ranking/levelling works, as I can imagine some people probably ask about why they may be going up slowly and etc. I’m guessing also some questions about importing profile xmls, maybe noteskins and stuff too. If rivals exist (I’m not sure if they do in this build, but I’m pretty sure they use to), maybe a guide for setting that up?