Im new to etterna and i need help

It says i have 83 songs loaded, but it doesnt show i have any songs, am i doing something wrong? or is it just broken?

You probably downloaded a non 4k pack or encountered a bug where the game puts you in the wrong gamemode upon starting.
Main Menu -> Options -> Select Game -> dance
if the songs still dont show up id recommend you download one of the bundles found in the pack downloader

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I downloaded one of the bundles, but it doesn’t show up in the song selection

What about the game mode is it set to dance?
if that doesnt work i suggest you try to download a pack from the site directly and extract it into your songs folder, reload songs ingame with ctrl+q afterwards.
Not out of the question that something with the pack downloader went wrong.

I have set the game mode to dance. Ill try to download a pack from the website and extract it into my songs folder

Ok so i tried to download the pack from the site but it just says connection not private, but i have downloaded 2 packs from the site before but it still doesnt work

you can try with this one i guess

Welp, that doesn’t work, the download link its not available, i guess i just have to find another way.

Downloads from Etterna Online should be working again right now
otherwise you can try