Loud megaphone release

if for some reason clicking the banner doesn’t work: https://mega.nz/#!iZZ2VCpR!4Dt2VmQVScYNcu9NPb2FxxkpWTBkaeG-1yl-Wwe7psU

My third pack. Can be considered as a love letter to older charting, with technical accuracy and minimal structuring making out the best that can be made out of the music.


Files are mostly easy by modern standards, but should be considerably challenging for newer players. Mostly made with accuracy in mind, but most are rateable if that’s what you enjoy more.

Big thanks to:
Autotelic for helping with QA, the harder difficulty for Universal Collapse and providing the fantastic set for Hotel Moonside.
April for giving a brief but helpful set of notes for LIMBO
Jellyfish for the Universal Collapse gfx set
Author who didn’t want to be named for Clapping Music
Foxfire for playing a lot of these files on stream
Anyone else who helped even slightly
And of course a big thanks to the song authors for making these songs, and the original background artists (that were highly difficult to source)

If you’re interested in listening to more works from any of the artists I’ve filled a .txt file inside the pack with links to their artist accounts that could be found.
Also there’s an extra banner if you really don’t like pink or want to know where the pack name actually originated from

ffr thread: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showthread.php?p=4671991

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