Fox's accuracy journey


January 14th: Mostly accuracy focused session
AAAA’s this session: 23 | AAA’s this session: 27

So most of the week I was getting recommendations from Dour to play Gochamaze 2, which is basically all offsync, couple that with some desyncing I was getting in general and you have a recipe for literally just visually reading all week. I decided to have a proper accuracy session, where indeed there were even times I used audio to synchronize my arrow taps! Actually got to spend a lot of time opening files in Arrow Vortex and seeing if I could salvage the sync by only moving offset, apparently syncing files is hard or something because people seem to not be able to do it lol.

Starting off with perhaps my favorite wife quad fairly early into the session. this file is really fun, and I’m glad to have finally preformed it to a degree of justice it deserves. Lots of tech bits and graces in this file to throw you off for sure. The other scores on this file are from several months ago (2-3) and over 2 years ago (4-5) respectively.

In between accing more techy teens files I was also doing some more mid 20s area control. This was a very old goal of mine, well not to wife AAA this but to get a clean FC. This is one of my favorite files from YM1, and every once in a great while (maybe every 4-6 months) I revisit it to see what I can do. I also AAAd brute force but I think this one is a bit cooler.

One of my cooler 0p runs this session, this had a number of snap switches and looking in the editor shows I was handing a whole swathe of BPM changes pretty well. This was a really fun one from FFR Community 4, where I was spending a lot of my time ironing out old CCon and unplayed things today.


January 26th: Big Sanatenshin MP Session
AAAA’s this session: 26 | AAA’s this session: 15

This weekend there is honestly a lot less to talk about in the field of accuracy, as I spent the majority of my day with people like Providence, Poco, and Soutin, having a mass play through of Sanatenshin files on an assortment of rates. While the vast majority of of these songs are glutty or chordjacky, they tend to have very awkward transitioning or sections which push stamina to keep acc on. So while I think if you can hold it, some stuff may be free, actually pulling through and not CBing everywhere is quite a challenge.

I won’t lie, this is fairly straightforward. Some chordjacks and short and light JS sections, but that is about the extent of it. The thing that makes this cool though is that it’s a sightread 99.99 obtained in a multiplayer setting. A 99.99 is hard on pretty much anything ever, so to kind of just casually dump one on my MP mates was pretty great.

There is little to say about this except that it’s basically physical and mental stamina. You’re basically just hitting 130 chordjacks for around 2 minutes or so, with very long sections having no breaks in between.

The other one was stamina 130, but this was fairly long 140 chordjacking, but it was broken up a number of times by streams and some verse breaks. Prov asked me if I could AAA this when he selected it, I didn’t think I would based on it’s MSD, but in the end, yes. Yes I did pal.

A number of my quads this day were towards the end of the MP session, as I was trying to cool off after playing weeb jacks for around 5 straight hours, so I won’t bore you with those. No real tech acc this time unfortunately, but you can’t do everything all the time I suppose.


February 2nd: SMG Pack play-through and general acc session
AAAA’s this session: 31 | AAA’s this session: 22

After last week’s large stint, I wanted this week to be a lot more focused on acc, with a little control sprinkled in. I was suggested by Larksford to check out SMGpack, so I spent a while warming up and getting scores in there.

A number of 32nd bursts in the intro, some holdstream patterning, and a fair bit of breakups in the later JS makes this a pretty fun tech file, and this a solid SR wife quad!

Don’t let this MSD fool you, this is a hard tech file to acc. Four minutes of alternating through tons of 64th swing back to 16ths, streamy areas, mines, just all around a pretty wild ride. Props to James and Scylax for the sync in this, it’s so good, and so fun.

Hi19 wanted nothing more than for me to drop this damn score I swear. I came in expecting a pretty simple JS file but, not exactly what happened. The breakups, the split jumptrills, hand jacks, the ending gluts, just even the little techy shit sprinkled throughout honestly. This was a hard fucking score, I am glad I pulled through and got it!

Here is some more fast paced, consistency oriented acc. I’m glad I cleaned up my old score on this, it was bothering me. Hopefully as time goes on there will be PLENTY MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM YEAAA-AA-AA-A

PS: I’m going to start keeping track of all my Saturday session scores above AAA in a spreadsheet. Perhaps in like 6 months I could do a little data plotting for all the scores I’ve set since then. It could be a pretty neat thing to try doing.


March 9th: Large push session + brain-dead acc ascension

Not going to lie, I haven’t been too keen on writing up new things here. Mostly this was due to having a few not too great weeks of being kinda sick and not getting anything too crazy, then focusing more on pushing on Saturdays. I’ve gotten cool things of course, but nothing that really set new ground for me. While today was more about pushing (particularly upping my chordjack past 28 finally) I did learn a new trick! Check these out!

Look familiar? Yes indeed my friends, I have finally found the Ice to cool my Fire. Arming myself with J7 (you know things are getting heavy when I up judge for feedback), global offset ms adjusting, and clap, I finally have ascended into the braindead realm (99.995%+ WIFE).

Look at this monster run right here holy fuck. Wife quad / MFC on J6, like 98.4% Justice. Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

I did several others, but those were the coolest of them. Here is a slightly less braindead quad to chew on from much earlier in the session. Fairly decent consistency on this, wasn’t expecting to get it honestly, just wanted to clean up some of my CCon scores. Reasonably fast, kinda jacky / JS combo.