Fox's accuracy journey

I am Foxfire, I like to hit arrows to notes but on time at times. I welcome you to view my scores I think are of note on this front over the future!


May as well post a small number of scores from a prior session to kick this off. While this first one is chordjacks, seeing this level of improvement in control over the course of several months is pretty awesome! there are some non chordjack sections that can trip you up as well, but they are minor.

This was a really solid run on a pretty fast JS file with a dash of tech, mostly in the intro but it’s sprinkled in other areas as well. Probably one of my best scores I didn’t bomb in a while!

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almost as good as KcHecka


I’m gonna steal this idea and make my own score thread.

I am but a mortal. KcHecKa on the other hand, is a god. I do what I can, not in defiance, but in adoration of His glory.


It’s not exactly an original idea

We literally ripped it from FFR

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Go for it, very intended to have individual threads for score posting! I wonder if I can sticky posts…that’d be pretty cool!

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I should probably bookmark this thread if you plan to keep it up to date for at least a small while

You probably won’t see anything different from what I post in your Discord honestly, but you’re more than welcome to regardless!


My discord moves so fast sometimes i miss the scoreposting so this is better for me to keep track lol

o yea it moves fast alright especially during a big komo session where i post thousands of epic pro scores!!!


Yeah, in that case this could be a nice place to come back to every couple of weeks. I’ll try to my favorite acc scores from sessions in the future. It will probably just be a couple, but that’s better than a hundred image dumps I’d imagine.

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Saturday’s are my off stream sessions, where I usually play longer and go all over the place with my practice. I may opt to go a little more in depth with my session details for these days, as these are often files you can play and compare with right now. I spent a good portion of this session limit pushing, but that is not what this thread is focused on. Let’s jump into some accuracy plays.

AAAA’s this session: 8 | AAA’s this session: 20

So one of the packs I was checking out today was this, and there are some pretty cool files in here! Unfortunately a number of them need to have their offset adjusted in AV before playing. This is my favorite quad from that pack, lots of minijack transitions, some holdstream patterning, and a dash of tech.

While I was checking out another pretty great control / accuracy pack (Xeo&Friendz) I noticed this little guy here, an 18 minute epic with a nice note count. My consistency on this was frankly pretty awesome I think, especially since there is a good 50 sections where I could have easily dropped a CB due to these pretty evil glut transitions at the end of some typically dense JS. Like a minijack or a two glut finish to them, and I only dropped a single time. Highly recommend this file by the way, check it out!


Good stuff. I’ve been trying to wife quad some stuff sometimes but I’ve only gotten 99.95s so far, your acc is very impressive

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Thank you! Yeah it’s difficult to get started for sure, even if you get 0 perfects it’s very possible to only get like 99.96 if you aren’t consistently hitting super tightly. It’s all about constantly playing new things, and trying to keep your mental stamina up while you keep your nerves down.

What kind of packs have you been looking at for accuracy oriented play? Kind of curious.

If I’m trying to quad shit I play either chordjacks or some Otaku’s mix tier stuff. If you can’t quad them no point in trying anything else. My favorite atm is Nuclear Kimchi Comment tu Dire Adieu 1.1x which I can sdp every single run but never quad

Yeah I completely get that. Unsure what OD packs you’re on but I’m going to tell you right now that packs before Otaku’s Dream 8 have a lot of offsync junk in them, which might be messing with you. OD8 and OD9 are generally okay.

If you haven’t I’d also recommend getting Oxicleaned (try Bluhende Nacht), and Chordial Blitz (try Savage Terminal). You could also try Super Meat Boy! Full-Keyboard Stepmania Pack, which is a pretty friendly beginner pack that does a lot of control jacking stuff on the higher difficulties.

If I try to acc something I will make sure the local offset is good

Always a good idea. Better than just getting used to it and not being able to tell when things are early or late. Though if you get solid enough to start noticing it right away when sightreading, it can be good to play it wrong and practice visual reading too. Always some way a file can help you improve, even if has unfix-able sync.

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