Etterna Charting Contest 2020 - Voting Thread

The time is here, voting has begun.

Below you will find the groups and a zip file containing all submissions for that group, I have also provided a zip of all groups if you prefer.

You may not vote on any file in your own group.
If you are going to critique files in comments, keep it polite and constructive.
Votes are hidden until the voting process ends, but I can see who voted for what - so don’t try to vote for your own file or mass vote another person with ill intention (the people I’m talking to here know, and their votes are not counted anyways)

New Vectors!ux4zySZL!2M_IqEWJk4uFi04wfNpI1AZnwHWJLq-u3zrbfsrdzC4

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Birdo II!LsgByYYS!QRLuS1yVc7sj3t7WDnImB25qTjlPK4c4gEb3PqCkBJ8

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Blah Blah Blah!LwxRCQCR!360kutRzZecI2YsyEFTpymi2tDrfBajNfXHhSkNXgCg

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Blight Mamba!O4p1QQwC!PpkbRhkB1BgoxGiwep7EPSGV5mQ5eG1ytJFaZaqOpvg

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Here is the link to ALL groups in a single zip for your convenience.!PhpFQIwD!Yl4RPWxsQv47h2hDBpSvikRybGqV0paP-WUlN-7EDZs

Have fun playing the charts and voting, I look forward to the results!


Woooohooo! Blight Mamba squad with 7 entries, lets gooooo.


Birdo 1: boring patterning, not much to say, accurate

Birdo 2:
Dead ass, while it tried to not be boring, it failed at everything else: you could stab somebody with those spikes, wrong snaps, inconsistent patterning, little, if any PR, incomprehensible rules, wrong patterning in general, too many notes. Even when I’m having just a tiny bit of fun, it hits you with some WTF BS which immediately removes it.

Nevertheless, my vote would go to #2 if I wasn’t in group 2. A terrible chart that tries to be fun is still a tiny bit better than a good, but boring as fuck chart.

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New Vectors 1: Fun, but questionable 32nd spikes and undercharted ending

New Vectors 2: Oh boy, so

  1. While the use of fakes feels fresh in this scenario, I expected something more interesting done with them
  2. Good PR
  3. Good pattern choice
  4. Solid chart overall, pretty fun

New Vectors 3:
Well, nuff said, that’s an accurate JS chart. I don’t have much to say about it except that’s it’s accurate. One thing though: the use of rolls is unwarranted tbh, you could’ve used holds there.

Someone did a really good Blight Mamba, beat mine for sure.
#8 on Blah Blah Blah is fun, too. GJ fellas


Blah Blah Blah 1: A generic CJ chart. Farmville maybe. Also one of the few cut versions.

Blah Blah Blah 2: A superb CJ chart. Loved every second of it, it tries its best at using the song as much as possible while not going dumpy. Solid PR, consistent patterning, nice mine intro, an overall well-made chart.

Blah Blah Blah 3: A generic CJ chart that, nevertheless, so far has the best transitions between measures. Those are the shit my man. Decent otherwise, not much to say.

Blah Blah Blah 4: Yet another CJ chart, a shittier version of Blah Blah Blah 2 tbh.

Blah Blah Blah 5:
A chart that dares to not be a CJ generic garbage.
Okay, so where do I start: this is a holdstream chart with jacks. There is also a little bit of glue and even one segment with mirror roll tech. I had tons of fun playing it, but there is one fatal flaw. Cool 276 stream stairs bro. Very cool. There are also a few questionable shields here and there. Overall, a decent chart, but good Lord Prosciutto, please nerf that 48th bullshit.

Blah Blah Blah 6: Another chart that’s not CJ, even though it’s pretty much gluts with anchors. I don’t have much to say about it: it’s simply as bland as it can go despite the use of holds and such. I don’t know what makes you think you can get away with repeating the same measure long pattern but mirrored for 8 or so measures straight.

Blah Blah Blah 7: A strictly superior version of previous chart. Much better in every regard, with good pattern choice, very obvious PR and somebody who managed to do a better job in the speed-up segment than Blah Blah Blah 5.

Blah Blah Blah 8: Now we’re getting some serious bahoonkas, a chart that’s actually trying to dump the song.
Okay, so I had to play it twice because this one is actually pretty challenging even for a 22. What can I say: the intro was top notch, no questions there, but then it became a 24th dense chordstream and let me tell you: this simply doesn’t work. The bursts and other rainbow segment were pretty incomprehensible and didn’t really go well with music or with general feel IMO. You tried to mix the CJ charted to music with streams of the vocals, but they didn’t really blend together all that well and there are a few very awkward moments that are very cbrushable. After all of that, a generic CJ comes you can see in previous charts.
After all of that, stream dumped vocals come and they are alright. Overall, the chart sort of disappointed me. It may need a lot of polishing in the 24th dense chordstream part to be top notch.

Blah Blah Blah 9:
Hello Farmville my old friend: this is a CJ chart that felt extremely heavy on my left hand. I don’t have much to say about it except that it is somehow worse than even previous CJ submissions.

Time for our wacky contender
Xmod Blah Blah Blah:

Good fucking lord, those lifts are going to fuck over so many people. Alright, one by one

  1. The speed changes are very subtle and very sightreadable, though a jumpscare warp from the momentum rolltech was kinda scary.
  2. Very delta-esque use of minirolls, I like that.
  3. Actually really fun CJ, finally I could enjoy something
  4. Good PR
  5. A very subtle Scroll Change, I only noticed it in the preview, but it works wonders
  6. Somebody actually set the common BPM, unbelievable

Now for the bad and ugly

  1. I don’t understand why you only use two-three lifts after holds even though the “ya-ya-ya” and “blah-blah-blah” sound always requires at least three
  2. Those lifts are incredibly tricky and pretty much everyone gonna drop them for one reason or another

blight mamba
gunna update this post eventually after further looking into some of the layering options, this was a hard song and for the very least, props to all that charted it

New Vectors reviews:


There’s a lot of redeeming qualities here, whoever made this has a good sense of what fun sticky patterns should feel like, but there are some glaring issues that kind of stick out.
The big bursty 32nd runs and such are super smooth, but they are definitely far harder than the rest of the chart.
Mine usage is also a bit odd. Mines should not be treated as another layer of instruments you want to squeeze in, there’s no need to feel like they have to be so technically accurate or that you’re obligated to follow anything. Mine instrument layers aren’t felt by the players and they spike the diffculty quite roughly when they suddenly appear because of how densely you’re trying to pack them into the notes.
The green notes are cute, but I have no clue what they’re going to amidst all of the crazy stuff going on.
Overall, the patterns are not bad, but I just feel like I’m either have a casual relaxing stroll or my fingers are gonna melt, it’s either too hot or too cold. 5/10


Clean, punchy patterns. Lots of thick fat chords land exactly where they need to land, it’s dripping in minijacks that do fantastic tension/release that compliment the percussion really well.
I think using this much color theory with the green notes is very ambitious, and I can’t say it doesn’t work here. You can definitely get a sense of what instruments those notes are trying to highlight.
I feel like the minefields towards the end are a tad on the dense side, but that may be a subjective evaluation. I definitely do think there should be fewer and lighter miniholds. As soon as the miniholds start to impede the ability to see the notes, it’s too much.
Really fun, solid, minor gripes but nicely done on the whole, would be great if it was cleaned up. 7/10


This is incredibly clean, and it’s smooth as butter. The only problem is that if you smooth out a chart too much, you also strip away everything that’s interesting about it. Additionally, there’s a lot of incorrect rhythms. Some rhythms are missed, others are ghosted.
I’m not sure if you forgot this or you just intentionally avoided this, but there are no anchored 8ths/8th note jacks in the entire file. They would’ve given a lot of variation and directional control to your patterns that would make them so much more exciting.
It’s a good attempt, but I think you should either practice on slightly easier songs to get comfortable with experimenting with patterns first to get out of your comfort zone, or you should slow down and methodically check your patterns more. 5/10


Blight Mamba 1: Bad. It’s just bad.
Right off the bat I was greeted with inverted PR for no reason, utterly undercharted segment with jumps, then a generic JS segment with holds which seem to go to literal silence for some reason, which are then followed by a somewhat fun segment and then a repeat, for some reason glued with a short, but annoying inverted segment.

Blight Mamba 2: Now that’s what I’m talking, baby
Very good chart, correct roll usage, incredibly fun climax, impressive mine art job, definitely a favorite in the entire competition.
Just one thing: I wish you used 4 rolls instead of 3. I know it would result in a possibility for a CB, but I think pretty much everyone with agree those rolls are supposed to be treated like an implicit minijack.

Blight Mamba 3: A good chart.
People will complain of the excessive amount of holds in it, but I don’t care. Very clean and obvious PR, the patterns are fun to hit, an consistent and even difficulty curve, no questions asked.
One remark I will make: near the end, I’m disappointed you didn’t accentuate that scratchy sounding instrument. Also FFS man, fill your metadata.

Blight Mamba 4: Don’t get fooled by “jumpstream” and “stamina” categories, this chart is very technical.
A good challenge chart, made me sweat a bit. Fuck those minijacks. Oh god fuck them to hell.
I like it.

Blight Mamba 5: A basically inferior version of #2. That’s the best way I can describe it. It’s an average chart on its own, but doesn’t really have anything to impress me with compared to the other contenders. One thing that does stand out is the inverse ending. That’s… a bold choice, to say the least.

Blight Mamba 6: Is this an osu ■■■? Just like #3, heavy hold usage, but also jumptrills.

Blight Mamba 7: I can describe this chart in three words: 32nd bursts, jumpstream and gluts.
Uninspired, uneven difficulty curve, no PR, nothing to really say. It’s just a generic challenge-kind of chart.

Final rating:
S for “son of a bitch that’s some good shit right there” tier [favorite charts from the contest]: Blight Mamba #2, Blah Blah Blah #10
A for “ah shit here we go again” tier [good and very replayable]: Blah Blah Blah #5, Blah Blah Blah #2, New Vectors #2
B for " :b:retty good" tier [good, but not much replayment value]: Blah Blah Blah #7, Blight Mamba #3
C for “charter’s block” and also “cyka blyat why” tier [charts that have potential, but suffer debilitating issues]: New Vectors #1, Blah Blah Blah #8, Blight Mamba #4
D for “don’t know what to say” tier [mediocre charts that I have no opinion of]: Blah Blah Blah #1, Blah Blah Blah #3, Blah Blah Blah #4, Blight Mamba #5, Birdo #1
F for “fun is not allowed” [painfully boring]: New Vectors #3, Blight Mamba #6, Blight Mamba #7
G for “Garbage” [C, but there is no potential]: Birdo #2, Blight Mamba #1, Blah Blah Blah #6, Blah Blah Blah #9

#1 C D D G
#2 A G A S
#3 F D B
#4 D C
#5 A D
#6 G F
#7 B F
#8 C
#9 G
#10 S

Also somehow I got three scores with 4.20 ms mean. That can’t be a coincidence (Blight Mamba #3, #5 and #6) lmao.

Blight Mamba reviews:


This style is very technical, and I think it works for this song. You clearly have a plan in regards to the structure of your file, and you rigidly stick to that format that you set for yourself.
There are some patterns in there that are really cool, and a few others that are quite frustrating to hit, but generally there’s not too much to complain about. At this point, you just have to work on getting familiar with different layering techniques and direction control. When you stick to generic patterns against a rhythm without much of a purpose other than “I need to do something different” that’s when you know you need to expand your repertoire a little bit.
Pretty good, nothing to write home about though, but keep at it and try to go out of your comfort zone a little bit. 6/10


Clean patterns, fun patterns. Lots of cool syncopation, and modest layering that doesn’t go crazy. Difficulty control is excellent, minefields are interesting without being obstructing, and great intensity. I feel like I’m actually following all of the interesting sounds in the music.
The climax does feel a bit underwhelming, but the jacks do help a lot. The miniholds definitely need to be shorter and lighter. It also wouldn’t hurt to see a couple more chords, but at least there isn’t anything noticeably off about it. 7/10


I appreciate the big chords in the chorus. I love those fat chunky patterns on the big fat synths.
Unfortunately, that’s as much as I can positive to say about this. This is pretty aggravating to play due to the long holds. This is an example of specifically how not to layer. There are many different choices and methods for layering, and I feel like with more experimentation you could easily find combinations that are way nicer than this.
Maybe this is how you like it, and that’s fantastic, but it’s certainly not very palatable for players in general. Technical accuracy can also be sacrificed for the sake of being fun. 5/10


This one is very similar to 3, except the good part isn’t as good and the bad part isn’t as bad.
I get that the music is repetitive and you want to choose a repetitive pattern to reflect that aesthetic. That’s not a bad idea on its own, but the issue is that if you’re going to repeat a pattern over and over again, you have to make sure that pattern is really fun or interesting, or else it just becomes frustrating very quickly. A lot of the patterns here are just insanely tricky to hit and aren’t all that exciting.
During the chorus, the big chords should be really exciting, but because there’s so much 16th stream surrounding it, the chords don’t have any punch to them, they don’t feel sticky or intense at all.
All of the miniholds, while I know what they are supposed to follow, I don’t actually get a feel of it because those notes are everywhere and it’s super fast. The patterns should speak for themselves. If you need to specifically highlight the instrument you’re following with miniholds, that’s a sign that you should work your patterns and techniques. 4.5/10


The large majority of this chart is fantastic. Tight crispy patterns and big fat chords on the chorus, great buildup of intensity and excellent smooth pattern choices.
Minor complaints would be for instance layering the hi-hats in the second half of the chorus. I understand it’s to further build to a climax and add some variation, but at that point it’s starting to get really dense and it’s taking away from the punchy chords.
I appreciate the attempt to try something different in the ending section, and perhaps you were also trying to add some difficulty to the end, but I think it’s a bit much and starts to feel too heavy and awkward.
Generally really fun. 7.5/10


There’s a few good patterns in here, but the rest of it feels like complete disregard of what is going on in the music, just random (albeit structured) notes thrown about. The dense miniholds don’t really help matters either, as it becomes difficult to see what’s going on or tell what the miniholds are going to. 4/10


The approach to tackle this with a higher difficulty is not a bad idea; a song with straightforward rhythms and is fairly technical tends to have a lot of potential for more heavy streams.
However, there was a lot of artistic liberty taken with the rolls (I don’t normally agree with making those held sounds rolls, but for the sake of increasing difficulty I can give it some due credit).
There are a couple of chunky patterns which are pretty fun, but the rest of it is such a huge difference in difficulty, and to make things worse, the patterns are pretty aggressive, and not very smooth.
I would like to try to be as non-assuming as possible given that the chart is too difficult for myself to play and judge the feel and flow appropriately. In that view, this is definitely a very spicy chart, and I’m not sure how palatable that spice level is, and I think I’d prefer more compliments to cut that spice with some actual flavor. 4.5/10

Birdo II

Chart 1 Comments:

  • Good difficulty curve, very playable
  • Small glut bursts accenting throughout the chart, bringing some variety between the js patterns, keeping the chart engaging. Same goes for the occasional 32nds and 48ths
  • Mild hold usage, goes along to the music well

Overall I like this chart, it is fun to acc on 1.0 and fun to aa on uprates. the overall chill patterning also compliments the atmosphere of the song, giving it high replayability. 8/10

Chart 2 Comments:

  • Unplayable spikes
  • 90% of the notes goes to nothing, and the remaining 10% goes to the drums, ignoring all other instruments present
  • The chart plays better when you mute the audio


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Birdo II reviews:


There’s a sign of maturity here that a lot of other artists should learn from. Once you become very proficient at making your patterns flow and controlling directional influence, you can take small variations of basic stream patterns like 1234 and make them really shine, as if they were taking you on a journey. Not only that, even after the notes change, the artist here had a concept in mind and had the discipline to keep the notes the same, but mix them up when maintaining flow required it.
Overall, the only criticism from me is a subjective one, and that is I hate long holds with lots of stuff around it. I don’t like the feeling of needing to keeping my finger down while the other fingers are having fun tapping away. Most everything about this is smooth, structured, and smart. 8/10


I’m not comfortable reviewing an avant-garde “dump” file, if this even is a serious attempt at one. na/10


1.Taiwanese accurate chart. That’s it. People can ever imagine what it looks like by these few words.
2.Good in note arrangement but not fit in this song. Seems like the chart was trying to fit in ‘community taste’.

1.I have to say there’s no pitch on these 1/4 drums. And Etterna is not a place for dancing in goa trance music for several hours. Such a note arrangement like that only let me feeling sleepy.
2.A chart from xxx!xxxxx? I feel bored and unpleasant with these mines.
4.I saw unsynced notes on voices, lazy mirrors and confusing jumpjacks like my charts:).
5.Korean betweenaccurateanddump chart. And usually 1/768 gap between the end of a noodle and another note which is really annoying.
6.Hiding under these unpleasant mines and noodles there’s a terrifying amazing note arrangement!
7.The best resting section in all blahs but these sudden streamy jumptrills are really being a disadvantage of this chart.
8.Behaviour Art Chart. I do have some sense in the note arrangement of this chart but uhhh/…
9.Good but there are quite a few small problems which mostly in the last half of this chart.
10.Lifts and rolls are not being an advantage of this chart but even annoying and unpleasant. Supposed to get hired by Muse Dash or an other multi-note-type commercial rhythm games.

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Birdo 1: | AA | (W)
A mostly accurate chart that plays it a little safe in a few regards. It feels a bit odd that the percussion is only charted occasionally, especially during the (same) verse that plays in the beginning and before the end. Makes good use of the occasional non-16th rhythms that are there. I do like what you’re doing with the holds and miniholds a lot here, especially at the end, but I wish you used them more in other sections. There’s a lot of places where those miniholds could have done wonders to distinguish different types of sounds from each other, for example separating the higher-octave arp from the lower-octave in the verse I mentioned previously. Also, overall good PR in the sections where it’s used.

Birdo 2: | C |
Listen here man. You can’t take a scintill song choice and turn it into a chart from a minty pack. Hell, as far as I could tell the only pattern that actually paid attention to the song was the 24ths to the guitar. Paid a bit better attention to percussion, didn’t pay enough attention to the piano. Looking back at the chart in preview, what confuses me the most is that you didn’t even pay attention to the few flams and 32nds that were actually in the song. Those would have made complete sense to emphasize in a chart like this. I’m also now noticing how inconsistent the layering and patterning is, same sounds are being charted completely differently. You need to get out of your comfort zone man. You can’t force your style onto a song if the song doesn’t support it.

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Really unfortunate that this song only had 3 entries. Although it’s probably the hardest to chart well, the payoff for such a banger is so, so worth it.

New Vectors 3: | A |
Plays it far, far too safe. Doesn’t emphasize the nuance of the chart enough. As in, there’s a lot of stuff that felt it should have been charted but was just ignored. Mostly consistent layering/patterning, save for the rolls which were inconsistently used and imo not used as well as they could have been. Used holds in a few places better than others. Incorporates the 32nd streams without making them a spike, unlike 1. A solid foundation, but lacks the nuance this song calls for.

New Vectors 2: | AA. |
I don’t get the 48th fakes thing. I would rather play the game then watch the game, you know? It feels really odd to have a section that’s so intense just be nothing. That and I don’t exactly like the idea that you have to deliberately spoil the chart in order to make it sightreadable. Whatever, it’s a minor issue really, moving on. Really nice use of holds and miniholds. Great PR, good mine usage. I appreciated the the deliberate repeated jacks on the same column. I have a bit of gripes with the layering of the glutes, there are a few jumps that don’t feel all that justified. Needs some ironing out to make it more accurate, but overall a pretty damn neat chart that’s fun to play.

New Vectors 1: | AA: | (W, favorite chart of the contest)
As I previously mentioned, those 32nds are way too much of a spike, they should have been more rolly like in 3. Slightly inconsistent use of the 192nd flams, they disappear in the middle section and come back near the end (and then dissappear again). Good hold/minihold usage, but not as good as 2. That’s honestly all the gripes I’ve got though, everything else is great. Mines were used very well here. Doesn’t skimp out on layering a lot of the various sounds and instruments yet doesn’t make it even close to feeling overlayered, though there were occasionally a few moments it felt there was some sounds being ignored (these moments are very slim though). This chart is really close to being the deliberate tech this song needs, the rough edges just need to be chamfered out.

Sklitterbeer reviews etternacon subs part 1


I’m in the pool so no review. I do wanna say, my opponent has a good chart on his own merit. Also, stay wary when reading reviews, there’s a reason there’s only 2 people in my group (and it isnt covid)

Blah Blah Blah (#DutchPride)

  1. been a while since i played some good ass chords like this to some hardstyle. the right-left roll does get kinda repetitive but otherwise nice layering, intensity is often accurately represented and the chart feels whole and not too long.
  2. Ok. the patterns were repetitive and didn’t feel hyper justified, but I mean, it wasn’t bad or anything. ok/ok
  3. felt more justified overall. Liked the more liberal usage of pink (24th) notes. The transitions are also really well defined. Sometimes it does get a little dense w/o intense justification but otherwise I enjoyed this. 3.5 Stars
  4. kinda wasnt feeling it at the beginning (mismatched vocal layering) but then it started to make up for it by just hitting all the right itches during the drop. Honestly? 7 Broken Marriages out of 9.
  5. Mixed feelings on this one. I applaud the step out of the fence with not exclusively charting chords for the hard parts but confusing roll (as opposed to hold) usage and the spike at the beginning hold it back a bit. 5 little ducks/all the little ducks
  6. Very few bad things to say about this file. The drop isn’t terribly confusing/frustrating, and actually sets up the hard part really well with mines. File feels rewarding and fulfilling to play. All the chords felt in their right place and the holds only complement this sentiment. 2.89 little pigs/wolf
  7. Not bad, not good. It does what it needs to overall but doesn’t have anything worthwhile going for them. Idk. Decent.
  8. Despite a few locks (fast unexpected jacks) this chart pleases the nut. going HS instead of chords definitely jacked up the rating but the charter’s PoV is easily recognizable. some of the lh - rh flow feels incomplete and could’ve done with more acc patterning. Just really disappointed this wasn’t finished, the strokes feel too chunky and unloved to feel satisfying and the charter could’ve easily refrained the first drop but whatever. We could stan
  9. A philister file. It follows the music and the gameplay feels rewarding but it doesn’t do anything special.
  10. wowie this takes me back. the xmod usage is very justified however right before the drop it looks like there was a different speed than before which threw me off. Also lifts. otherwise I enjoyed (also prob the first time I used J4 in years so thanks for that)

part 2

New Vectors

  1. died halfway through the file. the mines exarcebate a low MSD file into control hell. The decor, as in mines and flams, don’t really flow well with the rest of the file that’s way too easy for a chart like this. The accurate charting makes up for this somewhat.
  2. When I saw the 48th fakes warning I was afraid this was gonna be an all visual file. On the contrary, the charter really knew how to go with the flow of the song and deliver a fulfilling and fun experience. Maybe the warning could’ve been more specific that it was in the middle? It does kind of render the player anxious seeing a warning like that which isn’t applicable to the entire file. Because with fake usage like THAT, it’s a shame it wasn’t portrayed in its best light.
  3. It’s like 1 but doesn’t try to do anything interesting with mines or w/e. The hold/roll contrast was cool but also confusing. Fwiw the easy parts did go with the song, so that’s a plus.

Blight Mamba

  1. Enjoyed it for what it was. The jacks in the beginning were satisfying but over time the fun factor of the file faded. Still enjoyable though. (Also I loved the part with the extended 123 hold!!)
  2. Same vibes. Watch out not to put mines too close to notes if they’re in great quantity and supposed to be meaningful, kinda defeats the purpose as the player will be too distracted/aggravated to notice.
  3. Despite using a simple JS patterning style the chords at the drop didn’t make it feel to stuffy and exhausting. Was actually fun to uprate this. Pretty cooooool
  4. Props to the charter. Again, with a jumpjack style, a lot of value is pulled out of this song, through my computer screen into my fingers. Feels like classic wiosna, which is a very damn good thing. Just the silent part in the middle threw me off a little, I thought the file was over.
  5. Hold part at the end was cool. Otherwise kinda sleepy file.
  6. Hold intermissions were confusing and not fun. Overall ok js file, with few redeeming qualities.
  7. Lightly mediocre but fun file. Enjoyed the stream bursts as opposed to what others have done for the static, but not much else to say.

All in all, a lot of good submissions were made and I hope everyone votes for their favorites! Remember to keep an open mind and not let yourself be too influenced by what I said in this review, or what others have, and if one of your files was painted in a bad light I’m sorry! No ill will is meant.

Good luck to everyone

Im just vibin wbu?