Do you want 150ms boo windows?

Like the title says, do you guys want a 150ms boo window instead of 180?

  • Yes
  • No

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i think about wanting this every time i ghost step

What is a boo window?

The 180/150ms window refers to the maximum amount of offset you can hit a note with at all. It’s called the boo window because that’s the lowest judgment you get for a nonmiss. Refer to the offset graph for a better visual explanation.

Lowering the boo window sounds alluring, but deciding to arbitrarily cut back on it really only accomplishes increasing user manipulation potential. This is pretty evident from back when J5 became absolutely huge, and forcing all boo windows to 180ms on every judge was instated for this reason. The boo window should only ever be an issue if you:

  1. Are trying to manip
  2. You are clearly hitting when you aren’t supposed to be (ghost tapping, or perhaps are making some form of egregious input mistake).

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely hate CB rushing, but I understand it’s purpose. As CB rushing gets harder, straight up manip becomes easier, and manip is already fairly prevalent as it is.

If you want to make a system of scoring that doesn’t promote manip, but also doesn’t penalize you through CB rushing, I would be down for testing a system that basically has no CBs at all, but literally any input outside of the great window counts as a miss penalty. Like, you’re basically mine dodging every file, except not nearly as precisely as actually hard mine dodge content makes you do it. Then of course, you’d have to regrab the arrow if it was early, or it may be too far gone, and you get an actual miss on top of the bad tap penalty. Assuming testing doesn’t go horrendously, maybe a user could switch between the two, so one could ghost tap and anchor themselves for acc content, but only get shafted by their real errors when they limit push.


i see absolutely no reason or use for this


There is literally no fucking reason for this to be a thing, at all. Under any context.


Reducing the bad window will make manipulation much easier to happen, so a solid no from me.
Aside from that it also make all of old EO scores not compatible anymore , seeing that a simple recalc of old scores under the new windows will be ignoring the possibility that gameplay under new windows likely will prevent cbrushes from even happening.


Making this change would be a mistake. As already mentioned in this thread making the boo window 150 across the board makes it easier to manip and specifically on j4. While I think it becomes less of an issue with stricter timing windows such as j5 for instance I would rather have it be kept at 180 across the board given the options.


I hope this is a troll/meme post LOL
Making the game easier for people to cheat on by manipulating and getting away with it is unfair.But most importantly it’s bad for new players that look up to others that manipulate and think that that’s the way the game should be played.
Earlier this morning i woke up to this thinking it’s a dream, please don’t let it be a reality.


I would say yes because I’m bad and I cb rush too much but I don’t see what this solves.

Honestly I think Boo/Miss overall being a bit too punishing point-wise is the better problem to tackle.

ITT: People who dont know how cbrushing works a la 2 steps away from brexit. Also like the j4 boo window does anything towards manipulation when everyone does it effortlessly anyway.

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Well I’m sure if you stopped rubbing yourself you could surely reach the intellectual capacity of a preschooler.

As someone who cannot manipulate anything but the simplest 32nd rolls at all, this change makes no difference to me one way or the other.

only mashers would vote for 150 ms

imagine trying to turn etterna into osu

Remember when we made fun of Quaver for making a poll on whether or not pausing should be allowed?


Polls are fine