Do you want 150ms boo windows?


i want ghost tapping to be easier this doesnt actually make a difference in actual gameplay lol


i keep seeing people say this but ive never actually seen anyone explain it

why wouldnt this affect cbrushing/manip?


Get good at ghost tapping. Don’t change the game due to your lack of skill at a worthless ability.


manip causes more perfects and greats, not cb rushes typically

cb rushes are caused by 2 main factors:

  1. keyboard malfunction (eg a key doubletapping causing you to hit something way too early and causing a chain of cbs)
  2. complete failure of reading something and hitting it backwards/way too early/etc and causing a chain of cbs

basically if youre getting a cbrush, 30ms will not make a difference at all. what youre thinking of is mashing, not manip. maybe it will make it 0.01% easier to mash things, but manipulation will remain exactly the same.


smd son i can vote for whatever reason i want



I cant believe drace got ahold of the next etterna update all the way back in 2014


I want to AA something above a 16 by quadjacking every note.