[CLOSED] Turbulent Cafe 2

I don’t have a banner or anything so you only get text.

The cafe decided to reach out to more locations!

Turbulent Cafe 2 is intended to be a sequel/follow-up to Turbulent Cafe. The pack was meant to be something that I enjoy playing and I hope others did too!

This time, I’m deciding to host a larger collective in hopes that people find more fun files to play.

That being said, here are the guidelines for submissions:

  • 4K only please
  • There is no limitation on the number of files to submit
  • MSD shouldn’t really go past 30*
  • osu!mania people can just send link or .osz + cdtitle (I’ll convert and sync the file for you)
  • Resteps are personally fine with me if the intention isn’t to 1-up the other charter(s)
  • Technical charts are preferred, but any is welcome
  • Any song is fine but it should be something people don’t mind hearing twice

and the most important guideline being:

  • The file should be something fun to play*

* What do I mean by something “fun” to play?
It just means that the file is fun to play. The intention behind the chart shouldn’t be “I want to make something hard” or something like that - it should be a file that makes the user enjoy their time while playing your file. This also means that if you submit a meme file and it’s really fun to play, then I’ll still accept it because it’s fun. The file should keep the user interested in the chart and song - not just the song or chart individually. I know this is incredibly subjective because people have their own standards and I respect that - everyone has their preferred taste. However, in all things considered, this is what I’ll heavily consider when going through your submission(s).

If you’d like to submit a file, send a DM to “dragonpropaganda” on Discord! I don’t plan on creating an entire Discord server for this pack.

For anyone who likes to observe progress, here’s a link to a spreadsheet with all submissions + song list. The sheet should be constantly updated.

Intend this to be released in the middle of 2024 so there’s a lot of time!

Thanks a bunch!

- Drago

Heyo, a little update on this pack since it’s been a while!

Currently have 26 songs in the pack, but plan for a bit more. Originally was gonna have this pack be out sometime in April, but I think a deadline towards the end of May with a release in June is more reasonable with my current schedule.

Despite that, here’s a current wip of the pack! Most of the charts are not finalized since they haven’t been thoroughly modded yet.
Here’s a Google Drive Link to the pack wip.
Any feedback is appreciated and you can just shoot a dm over at “dragonpropaganda” on Discord :]

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starting to finalize some things

deadline to submit files is July 7th