[4K Release] Turbulent Cafe

click banner or use this link to download the pack

been working on this pack for the past year and a half and now it’s done : )

the pack is primarily tech, but ultimately wanted each file to be fun
( obviously, it’s not going to be fun for everyone )

some of these files have holds that can get tricky but it’s not entirely bullshit I promise

anyways here’s the songlist

( Chariot is a collab with brug idk why the generator fucked up )
also yea there are some unintentional “re-steps” cuz other people have been charting these songs for the past year and half while I was making this pack

I have like 3 different cdtitles but tl;dr if it looks better, the better “quality” it is

other packs of mine:
Dumbo Dergo ( pre-2020 ) ( these files are also unsynced lol )
Drago’s Surprise Pack ( January 2020 )
Drago’s Minipack ( August 2020 )
Drago’s Minipack 2 ( October 2020 )
Dragon Lair ( March 2021 )
( these are new links cuz I purged the old ones by accident )

thanks to:

- Drago


the pack has arrived


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