Bad PA derust (15 characters!)

I started playing again 9 days ago. About today is wher I start getting things that I can go “That’s pretty good” instead of “Ok, I’m making some progress.”

My left hand is in a pretty bad state, and I hope that’s because it’s just sore across the top of it. Through all of the scores with the new left and right hand cb, I can see that my cbs are really biased on the left like with the throne. I like that the throne.

SDCB on rato 1.1 was good, but the 6.19% great count is too much for me. (Wow edit because I didn’t realise that was my 1.0. 4% is better)

I think it’s probably mental compensation. Turns out I just wasn’t hitting on time for all the filler between the bursts. Didn’t CB the first ones too bad, but I messed it up in the end.

Breath after breath really showcases that left hand bias. 69 cbs compared to 11? The handstream is a bit intense, so I’m glad I got it back after 0.95 yesterday.

I was going to play chipwrecked 1.3, but I cb’d too hard on the 16th js before the final streams, so I just put it on 1.25. I’m glad I didn’t get any bads or goods.

I got sandstorm again after dealing with my kb’s issues to come unplugged. I think it’s finally in a stable position, because songs like fly with me in auto’s jack pack are sure ways to cause my kb to come undone and fail the song halfway in.

I’d like to get chaser, but I don’t have the stamina right now. I think I quit 2/3 in after I lost AA.

glad to have you back ))

Not a good day, but whatever. Only two things stood out:

Tornado I’d like to get 1.3, and chaser should come soon.

CoS .9 and World sound 1.15 I think I can fix soon. The other two are pretty good for my standards.

I’m having huge problems with icy rolls atm though and I can’t figure out why. Man, look at all the left cbs in every file.

Rename to left hand CB unrust

Voodoo is actually hard, so I’m not that dissapointed in getting only 90% on it. With battle of arcane might I really can tell my left hand can’t play 32nds. Sunkiss drop is just hilarious about that too. Thru our scars I missed 3 at the end because I forgot it ended with more 16th streams, but I cleaned up the cbrushing. KYAFA I played better than I expected; I just picked 0.95 to be safe. I didn’t expect to even AA it.

All right, things are FINALLY going my way with speed and I guess dense JS.

First chart where I knew good things were coming. The JS isn’t THAT hard if you can read it, but the ending section killed my stamina and I couldn’t hold it. I still like this file a lot.

Then I noticed my speed got better.

And tested it with this.

And this.


This one is kind of bleh, but still satisfied.

My stamina still isn’t fully back, so I’m ok with this one too.

I knew this would rob me of AA at the end, but I’ll get it.

I forgot how to read for one second and lost 70 points near the end section. Glad I got lucky and didn’t drop AA.

The 32nd jumptrills that ruin the rolly flow suck. End of story.

Scarhand is one of my favourite files to play, and I’m really glad I got more than just bare AA on 1.35

After not being able to play for an hour straight I took a break and then began to be able to get some things.

This file is hard; I kind of like it a lot though.

I can’t jack, so this is pretty nice considering it’s ~155

I feel like I could do slightly better here, but it’s ok. I played the two scores back to back and after the first I said I could do better than that.

Minijacks are killer.

This is probably my favourite of the day; I didn’t really continually lose points throughout it, and the break was a nice stamina gain for the end section.

Another eze file that’s actually hard and satisfying to play. I couldn’t turn it up to 1.1 though.

More speed. Didn’t allow me to play ikill though after this, I tried.


Fixed this

Got this back which is great, but still sad about my left hand.

Still lost it at the end, but improved.

The ending is HARD

And after WLL 1.1, I kind of declined for the rest of the session. This was probably the last thing I could attempt. I could probably get AA on it soon.

Scarhand 1.4 is hard

Tried this on 1.1 for some reason, and it’s good enough.

Same here, I’ve been trying to get better at it but the hands man

Took a few tries to fc it and not even a j4 sdg

I thought this was going to be harder than it would be, but the ending came and it didn’t rape me completely.

The ending for THIS however did

Got the violation again. Pretty ok for now.

Can I figure out how to keep my left hand from cbing so much? I swear this would be 95 if I had two right hands.

Also I got this the first time I tried it and can’t repeat it. At least it’s SDCB though

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Better chaser than I expected, AND the fool 1.05

damn solid chaser

Early hits everywhere

I’ll take j4 aa. This file is gurhagurhgan

This file is amazing. Usually on high rates the patterns just become BS because they weren’t made for it. GJ lofty.

Took me long enough

No stamina after the jacks to even attempt to play the 48ths.

Haha left hand killer

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I really like your colour scheme. Also shoutout to you for playing poet and the pendulum.

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Poet is the final boss of etterna. I can at least somewhat not get killed on the 32nd Etienne bit in the beginning, but after trying hard not to cb the jack section all my stamina goes away for the 48ths. I like how you can see -600 and still be 88% (Which I consider 88-90 to be playing a hard file all right)

Yeah I really like the file for testing anchor endurance, there isn’t really much else like it

Didn’t play well today. M-A 1.2 and FOTJS 1.2 were both barely under AA even while playing badly, so that’s a thing.

I forgot this file gained 20 bpm 2/3 of the way in haha.

It was going well until it wasn’t. Then my left hand gave up my 90. LEFT HAND TAPS HIGHLIGHTED. LOOK AT THE END

This file is very minty; I like it.

Clutch got this finally.

This file is good but super underrated holy shit; It’s like 290.

I don’t know why I cb rushed some of these streams, but it didn’t burn like it used to.


if I could play the ending I could AA.

Speaking of handstream, this one finally didn’t destroy me.

I don’t know why this is so hard at the end; it’s like the same as the beginning.

A short chart that seems to never end.

Uber left hand cbrush killing AA again.

And finally when I’m super dead and tired I can almost get this.

Had some good things, but these were the ones I bothered to SS.

Forgot what 1.3 was worth

Lost it at the end for j5; I feel like I got faster though

Could have been better