Bad PA derust (15 characters!)


My hands stopped responding at one point, so I missed the 96 or whatever it could’ve be. But I still aa’d old enemy holy shit



Couldn’t play THAT well today; was mostly the tier of mediocre that keeps you going.

Tried to get this somehow. Oh my god everytime it goes AA-AA I can’t not cb.



Only had a peak that lasted a short time today.

First time I played this I made some animal shape.

Lots of minijacks here; I could’ve gotten 1.75 but it was still warm up time.

Was kind of able to play the JS here but the file is just pain and I oopsed too much.


Streams didn’t feel hard in 1.3 at the moment which was a good sign

Oopsed here a lot too so I only got a bleh AA

Survived the handjacks

Finally got this; the opening is pretty hard.

Also this file fucking killed me; it’s way too stamina 5 me.

SDCB on this which is nice. The 32nds on 1.1 are just tricky as hell.

I fc’d everything past the long jumpjacks. At 180 bpm I have no chance of playing them.

Ok so I played the minijacks pretty well here. Up until the point where it had holds + jacks I was holding a decent AA. Maybe I could just try dropping the holds to focus on the jacks if I really weant to get a AA. Also, nice job guy on putting jacks only on the 2 column for the entire second half of the song. That’s some good shit.

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The quest continues.

(Also I can’t play real files anymore)



Much good things today. Fuck you sunkiss drop 1.3.

Also that scarhand 1.4 was clearly the best thing today by far ever.



scarhand 1.4 is NUT



It was worth a highlight. Easily the best thing I never fucking expected to happen ever. Too bad with work it seems I’ll only be playing sundays.



I forgot this thread existed. Also I have even less time to play now, and somehow I can only attempt to play jacks because my stream ability went out the window. Here’s some shit I’ve been doing recently.

In reverse order. Also, J8 is HARDDD to AA. I learned a no bad J8 run is about a J5 AAA.