[4K Release] Mini Game

click on banner as always to download the pack

*all files in this pack are uploaded with permission from the original charter !

Planned to release this earlier, but there were some missing files.
Yes, all of these are osu!mania converts; however, these are files that have been spotlighted from the ranked section for their quality and/or being simply fun to play.
This also means that a few of these files ( ex. Overkill, Drug on the Drop, FM Synthesis Experiment ) had SV that made the chart more enjoyable, so they might not induce the same feeling on Etterna as they do on o!m.

Song list is here; some songs have multiple charters ( ex. Bug Thief, Drug on the Drop, Every Two Days, etc. ) and I wanted to separate them rather than compiling into one to give stronger emphasis as to who charted what.

a lot of these have multiple diffs / are low msd so they’re beginner-friendly !


pleasantly surprised to see theyaremanycolors, suiren, and knife on there. nice

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i wouldnt care less for sv but cool pack

downloading this just for overkill
edit; didnt notice this was necro’d, but it says that the file is no longer

Its available via the ingame downloader now, you dont need to use this thread.