[4K Release] Drago's Minipack

still alive ( unfortunately )

charted some things here and there and tried out new stuff - might be a good thing, might be a bad thing, who knows
here’s one of - probably 3 idk - few minipacks that I’ll be releasing every now and then

as always, click on the banner to dl the pack

Song list is here:

various cdtitles of mine were used and if you’re interested as to which one represents which feel free to check the spoiler because it’s nothing major
old plain blue one - files that I don’t necessarily like myself either in terms of playability or quality
green jacket + handwritten name - files that are decent to good and also uploaded on osu!mania
new one + not handwritten name - files that are decent to good but not uploaded on osu!mania

Credits to:

  • BringoBrango for giving permission for their charts in the pack
  • Keiga for the small collab
  • Multiple people that I asked for playtests :>

Note: I don’t think any of these files are MSD-friendly; your mileage may vary

Have fun

edit Nov 6: minor cdtitle update for #1f1e33

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