[4K Release] Drago's Minipack 2

it’s a wednesday wowe !! ! !! ! ! !

did u know u can click on the banner to dl the pack

it’s only been 2 months buuut
I made another pacc bc it’s mini
the song lengths are also kinda short cuz I stole their kneecaps
it’s “kinda” techy so a lot of the files are underrated ( wowe )
make sure u brush ur teeth

also, here’s the songlist

if u want the first ( 1st ) ( one ) pack it’s over -> here ( it also explains the different cdtitles and I’m too lazy to repeat )

enjoy pacc and send/at me with scores if u want :]
next pack ( and probably last pacc ) will take longer cuz haha s c hoo l

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drago files good, 蟻が当

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